IDAHO! Best. Wildlife. Ever.

Marmots in the meadow

Standing up like prairie dogs.

Mule deer in the forest

Stepping over black pine logs.


Elk and brown-phase sandhill cranes

Share space on Burgdorf Creek.

I try not to disturb them;

I only want a peek.

Idaho wildlife gave The Old Lady MUCH more than a peek; they gave her the full monty.

Wildlife photography is difficult at best and usually impossible, so you will just have to take The Old Lady’s word that she saw pronghorn antelope, elk, gray fox, Western tanagers, and a deer giving birth beside a river (no, really!).

Deer tend to be elusive.  Can you find the deer in these photos?A cinnamon bear provided the best interaction of all.The bear actually approached the car, not in an aggressive manner but peering at The Old Lady with some curiosity.

With her curiosity apparently satisfied, she then allowed her two cubs to scramble down out of the tree where they had taken refuge.

The cubs moved so fast photography was out of the question, so The Old Lady just savored the sight of the bear family ambling off into the woods together.

IDAHO!  Best.  Adventure.  EVER!

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