IDAHO! Best. Adventure. Ever.

Three weeks, and The Old Lady barely scratched the surface of Idaho.

From the prairie to the desert, from the forest to the foothills to the mountains, past lakes and ponds and rushing snowmelt streams, The Old Lady barely scratched the surface.A variety of experiences offered themselves for her enjoyment.An astounding amount of wildlife presented itself for her amazement.

This wild and wooly state opened its welcoming arms and showed The Old Lady the best time of her life… so far.

At the moment, she is speechless… but stay tuned, she is finding the words!

IDAHO!  Best.  Adventure.  EVER!  

2 thoughts on “IDAHO! Best. Adventure. Ever.

  1. Beautiful pictures. Was the bear a little bit too close, or was that a cut off!!!!! Do you get new recipes for potatoes, you have to share if so. They also have potato jewelry.

  2. great pictures.. So happy you enjoyed your vacation.. can’t wait for more up dates..!!!
    enjoyed my post card..Thank you !

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