A Plethora of Punks


The guys in the band THE VARIANT showed their stuff from their new EP at Ashley Street Station last night and the Old Lady heartily approved.DSCF7203DSCF7204DSCF7209DSCF7214DSCF7216

THE VARIANT plays varied styles, ranging from heavy melodic to hard punk, and their high energy set left the Old Lady wanting more.  “We have the new EP here available,” urged the main singer, “or you can listen to it for free online, and that will be fun for you and for me.”  Get a taste by watching their music video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2zQvTVJWMYDSCF7220DSCF7221KILLMAMA just up from Florida starting their tour is a switch-hitting blues-rock duo, taking turns on guitar and drums with equal facility.DSCF7224DSCF7225DSCF7229DSCF7233

Anthony, the drummer from SiN, joined the two for an impromptu backup of Sophie Sputnik’s intensely angst-ridden punk number.  Anthony comported himself well.  And Sophie suffered beautifully.DSCF7231DSCF7232Listen to KILLMAMA at https://www.facebook.com/dontkillmama/app_204974879526524

DSCF7244SiN then played a set of new wave old south blues and straight-ahead punk that sent the Old Lady home sweaty and wanting to shave her head into a Mohawk and dye it purple.DSCF7242Check out SiN at https://www.facebook.com/yousinnis/app_204974879526524

DSCF7238And if you’re listening to these bands for free online, buy some merch if you can.  Hey, you didn’t have to spring for the cover charge to get into ASS so send’em a few bucks, ya cheapskate.  LISTEN TO THE OLD LADY!



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