Only You Can Keep Live Music Alive

The Old Lady managed to stagger out two nights in a row to look for live music in Valdosta GA and she found two things:
1. GREAT performances by local musicians,
2. SPARSE audiences.

Red Door Records hosted an evening of experimental electronic sound art…

Maidenhead, Kelby Clark’s latest incarnation
Strangeways, perpetrated by Jordan Ganas









Street Rat… Gladys Harlow is from Miami…
… but she has performed in Valdosta twice now. Doesn’t that qualify as local? (demanded The Old Lady, snippily)

… and the Bleu Pub featured Dirty Bird & the Flu.

A bad photo… apologies to Bird and Paw Paw

The good news: The Old Lady had no problem finding good seats.

The BAD news: both of these musical evenings should have been standing room only… but, they weren’t.

SUPPORT LIVE LOCAL MUSIC… it makes your community a better place to live.

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