Memorial: The Rest of the Story

Barely a month before The Old Lady visited the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial in Boise ID, vandals attacked the site. Anti-Semitic and racial slur were scrawled across some of the plaques in an apparent effort to cover the memorial’s messages of hope with statements of hate.

It didn’t work.

The effort was counter-productive, instead inspiring citizens to immediately donate thousands of dollars toward repairs and to open community dialogues about how to react to hateful speech and actions.

“We will repair. We will replace. And we will expand the memorial with the addition of the Marilyn Shuler classroom for human rights,” said Dan Prinzing, director of the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights, which is the builder of and home of the Idaho memorial.Hate turned to hope.  An attack turned into an opportunity for LOVE and growth.

Way to go, Idaho!

One thought on “Memorial: The Rest of the Story

  1. It makes you feel good to read that SOME people care. Many – I will say the majority- of the people born in this country don’t realize how lucky you are. You can go to any and as many churches as you want, You can go to school and learn even in your Eighties. You can say what you want if it does not endangered anyone. You can belong to fellowships who have a special handshake. You can run to Canada to not be drafted and still be President of the USA! One of the few limit is your HOA when they forbid you to put the Old Glory on your frontward. You are lucky

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