The Old Lady is deeply grieved over the latest mass shooting, and completely confused by the continuing debate over gun availability and ownership:

“But, what about my hunting rifle?”

“But, what about my personal defense handgun?”

“But, what about the constitutional right of all Americans to own guns?”

“’But’, this is insanity!” choked The Old Lady through her tears, “these ‘buts’ are killing us!”

One thought on “Insanity

  1. There is SUCH a huge difference between a good old 12 gauge and an AR45.
    Like everything in this world MODERATION is the key word.
    I, We, are so sad about the last one, but we will not be surprised to hear about another one next week. 19 shootings in 7 weeks. If I had children in school now, I will keep them and homeschool them.
    If the Justice system get one of them alive after the shooting, and shoot him 17 times plus 15 times..It may discourage others.

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