IDAHO! Best. Memorial. Ever.

Near downtown Boise, The Old Lady discovered the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial.

Readers may have to magnify some photos to read the inscriptions.. The Old Lady advises that it is worth your time to do so.

This memorial is much more than a remembrance of a murdered child and her dreams.

Quotes from people as diverse as Dr. Seuss, Frederick Douglass, and Elie Wiesel adorn the stone walls, speaking louder to the world as the years progress.The exhortations of sages throughout the ages are immortalized in stone to remind us NOW, in the year 2017, of our true purpose on this planet.The Old Lady wept, not with tears of sadness but with tears of joy, at the hope and LOVE etched here that speak to us all today and forever.Best.  Memorial.  EVER!

One thought on “IDAHO! Best. Memorial. Ever.

  1. Thank you for posting those beautiful messages. If we can use them on a daily basis, we may get better at living in Society.

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