Feed the Hungry

The Old Lady stood beside her truck in a shady parking spot, munching a leftover rib from her cooler.

Then she saw her.

She seemed shy, almost afraid, but obviously very interested in The Old Lady’s food.

Maybe she was homeless, or maybe she actually lived in a nearby house and was well fed… The Old Lady didn’t ask.

When the partially-gnawed rib bone landed in the grass near her, Miss Kitty grabbed it and ran a safe distance away before settling down to gnaw off the remaining meat.

Did that story give you a warm fuzzy feeling?

Was it because the beggar was a cat?

“I hope,” mused The Old Lady, “that you remember that warm fuzzy feeling next time you are approached by a human being who asks and that you give that person something good to eat or at least some money so that they can buy what they need. It is not up to us to judge who deserves our help; it is up to us to provide some help when we are asked.”

3 thoughts on “Feed the Hungry

  1. I respond very well to the fuzzy feeling of our furry children, not so well to a hairy hand from some 2 legs entity.

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