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The Little Places


The Old Lady likes the little highways best of all.

That’s where she finds the cool stuff.


Along a stretch of CR200 in the community of Sparr, Florida, stand several metal sculptures. DSCF6166DSCF6167DSCF6168

The place appeared deserted.  Only the roadside signs bore silent witness.DSCF6171

Further south, in a field along the highway through Anthony, the Old Lady spotted an orange kitchen trailer.DSCF6172Smokin Swamp BBQ features a brisket sandwich that tastes smoky and savory and simply superb.  Try it with the Carolina Tangy sauce.

You can find Smokin Swamp BBQ on Facebook at  and see a map of the location.

Slow down and take the small roads.  Adventures await in the little places!  Listen to the Old Lady!


A Recommendation from the Old Lady

Cindy Q Sings

A recommendation from the Old Lady:

If you are in the Valdosta, Georgia, area during December 2014 try to catch singer/guitar player Cindy Quick performing at Giulio’s Greek & Italian Restaurant which is located at 105 E. Ann Street near Valdosta State University.

Cindy has a full sweet voice and plays guitar with a delicate and lyrical touch.  She sits like an elegant jewel in a glass windowed alcove off one room of the restaurant all a-sparkle with tiny white lights among green plants.  Her repertoire of songs runs from James Taylor to Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen… and more!

She sets such a romantic atmosphere.  The food is excellent too.

Call ahead to make sure which weekend evenings she will be performing.   Giulio’s phone number is 229-333-0929.

Don’t miss it!  Listen to the Old Lady!

Farm Daze

Every first and third Saturday of the summer months are Farm Days on the Historic Courthouse Square in Valdosta, Georgia.

Farmer Coody and his produce
Farmer Coody and his produce

Local farmers and producers of farm products, like the Coody family, pitch their tents and display their wares, all at well-below-grocery store prices.

Some of these products you can’t even buy in the grocery store, like GG’s Sugared Peppers, jalapeno peppers preserved in a secret spicy-sweet sauce that will raise your eyebrows and knock your socks off.

Where else will you see a giant cabbage proudly displayed like a fine sculpture?

Passerby poses with the Giant Cabbage
Passerby poses with the Giant Cabbage

Farm Days is where you can buy fresh Georgia pecans by the pound from Cindy and Jerry Quick, owners of Clover Pecan Company.  The Quicks grow their own pecans on a farm located in a remote area of south Georgia far from any major highways, cities, and factories.  Their trees breathe clean country air, drink water from their own natural spring-fed pond, and are fertilized by the nitrogen-fixing red clover planted around the trees.   They are as close to organic as any pecans you can buy.  Then the Quicks hand-package the shelled nuts in rustic little burlap bags screen-printed with the Clover Pecan Company logo.

Cindy & Jerry Quick at the Clover Pecan Company booth
Cindy & Jerry Quick at the Clover Pecan Company booth

“Pecans are the healthiest nuts on the planet and contain more antioxidants than walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds, peanuts or cashews,” explains Cindy.

You can order these pecans online, at

Nut-tritious, de-licious, high-quality food at an affordable price.

Look for the Quicks, the Coodys, GG, and many other locals at the next Farm Day.




And the Beet Goes On… and On… and On…

BEET it!
BEET it!

Beets are sneaky.

Oh, sure, they’re really good for you.  Beets are not only high in vitamins and minerals they are also a natural aphrodisiac.  Beets are high in boron, which is a mineral directly related to the production of sex hormones in your body.  In other words, beets turn you ON!  If you don’t believe the Old Lady, google it yourself (here’s a good start: )

Betalin, which gives beets their deep purple color, is a powerful antioxidant with many health benefits.

But that rich color can come back to haunt you.

The Old Lady was horrified when she realized her pee was PINK!  Since a friend of hers had recently suffered a painful episode of kidney stones which involved a lot of blood, the Old Lady was quite taken aback by her pink pee.

But it was the beets.

The phenomenon is called beeturia, and can be an indicator of low stomach acid.  You may also see pink, or even red, feces after eating beets.

The Old Lady is not advising you to avoid these sneaky beets.  Quite the contrary; she is telling you to enjoy this healthy veggie roasted with coconut oil or chopped raw into salads.  Don’t forget the greens; they are high in iron.

Just be aware that you may see their brightly colored traces later.

Eat beets!  Listen to the Old Lady!



Sunday Brunch at the Station

What’s that, you say?  Valdosta, Georgia’s best dive bar, Ashley Street Station, has a Sunday brunch???  How undivelike.

Just add vodka, and shake.
Just add vodka, and shake.

Even more undivelike:  the Bloody Mary bar.  They bring you a glass with ice and vodka, and you do the rest with six kinds of Bloody Mary mix as well as V-8, every kind of hot sauce the Old Lady ever heard of and quite a few she’s never seen, pickles and olives and celery sticks… you get the picture, and the picture doesn’t do it justice.

"I'm not very photogenic," he protested.
“I’m not very photogenic,” he protested.

But of course there was live music.  Heath Deloach with his acoustic guitar, playing a lot of covers and a few originals.  The Old Lady particularly liked Josephine, a lovely love song Heath wrote for his girlfriend whose name is NOT Josephine.  I guess three syllables just fit the rhyme scheme better, or something like that.  He didn’t say.

Lily, the 15-week-old purebred Bloodhound. A charming young lady.
Lily, the 15-week-old purebred Bloodhound. A charming young lady.

As at any good dive bar, dogs are welcome, and they are allowed to bring their humans.


By the way, the Crab Cakes Benedict is FABULOUS.  Listen to the Old Lady!