Behind the Binoculars

The Old Lady loves binoculars.  They are her favorite toy.

One day she was sitting in the woods on an oak root, scanning idly up a dead tree. The very second she focused on a hole in the tree, a red-bellied woodpecker popped its head out of the hole!

His silky red crest blazed like a fire in the sunshine.  He squawked once and pulled his head back inside.

The Old Lady could hear him tap-tap-tapping inside the cavity.

Then he stuck his head out again, this time with a beakful of wood shavings. He shook his head as he released the shavings, which blew away on the breeze. He squawked again.

Was he announcing to nearby females that the nest was almost ready? Was he warning fellow males that this territory was taken? Or was he making conversation with The Old Lady?

You just never know what you might see through binoculars!

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