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Own It


The Old Lady got pulled over by a cop.

At one point during the conversation she made as if to open the door of the truck.

“I’d rather you stayed in your vehicle, ma’am,” the officer said mildly.

It was two days later that it occurred to The Old Lady that the officer could have shot her.

Even with all the news reports and viral videos, it never even crossed The Old Lady’s mind that the man might shoot her.

THAT is white privilege.

Gone to the Dogs

Shorty, "Short Man"
Shorty, “Short Man”

The Old Lady has gone to the dogs.

Dee Dee, Bath Buddy
Dee Dee, Bath Buddy

She does a lot of dogwashing and dogsitting, which means she has a lot of doggie friends…

...and Boomer, Boykin spaniels
…and Boomer, Boykin spaniels

…which means she gets a lot of unconditional love, because that is what dogs offer.

Lexie and Mr. Gibbs, Bulldawg wannabes
Lexie and Mr. Gibbs, Bulldawg wannabes

The Old Lady thinks that the world would be more fun if we could offer to each other the same unconditional love that dogs offer to us.

Try it.  You might like it.

Sequoyah, "The Best Dog in the World"
Sequoyah, “The Best Dog in the World”