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LOVE Odd Movies


The Old Lady LOVES odd movies and not on a TV screen either kiddies, she craves the full cinematic big screen experience with the smell of popcorn in the lobby (none for me, thanks, Mr. Natural said so) and slightly musty smelling seats in the theatre.

Hands down, the best movie she’s seen lately is LIFE, ANIMATED.LIFE, ANIMATED clickerIt’s a documentary about a child who is autistic, produced by the boy’s father.  Three-year-old Owen Suskind “disappears” into his own closed world and fixates on Disney animated movie DVDs.  Some years later the father discovers that he can communicate with his child via Disney movies, the characters, and the dialog.LIFE, ANIMATED Iago

It is a testament to the power of myth and story, shown through the eyes of a father and an autistic child for whom these modern myths and stories provide a way to make sense of a world that is incomprehensible to the boy through “normal” channels.LIFE, ANIMATED Owen

During the film Owen grows up, graduating from school and moving into his own apartment and getting his own job.  He will always be “different” but he makes his difference to be his own signature and voice, and the thing that he knows better than anyone else.

An inspiring film, a testament to parents who refuse to give up on their “different” child… and also a well-done depiction of what it’s like to be truly, really “different” and how that difference can enrich the world in ways never before imagined.LIFE, ANIMATED open door

LOVE Little Five Points


The Old Lady grew up in Atlanta but left there in 1986 and hasn’t spent much time downtown since then.

She was thrilled with her recent visit to Little Five Points!DSCF1383DSCF1384Where else will you find Native American items and a head shop side by side?DSCF1381The Old Lady’s favorite bookstore is still in business, forty years later… DSCF1388DSCF1390DSCF1386DSCF1387DSCF1391DSCF1389… and the art! Art is everywhere!DSCF1378DSCF1380Where besides L5P will you find an authentic shoe tree?DSCF1396

LOVE Being a Human Being

DSCF1494The Old Lady loves hanging out at a campsite, eating and admiring nature and cooking food and enjoying the fresh air and did I mention eating?DSCF1502But this day, lunch was interrupted by a rather large black-and-yellow bee who wanted very badly to hang out with The Old Lady. Understandably wary, T.O.L. moved the bee away (it was a walking bee, not using its wings at all) but it made a bee-line back toward the picnic table.DSCF1507So, The Old Lady sprinkled hot sauce in a line on the ground to block the bee-line.DSCF1512The bee turned away from the hot sauce and made a bee-line for a clump of ferns, and The Old Lady finished her lunch while savoring the triumph of human strategic thinking over insect single-mindedness.DSCF1513

LOVE Fun Guy!


It has been raining in the north Georgia mountains, raining quite a lot and still summer hot;  and of course heat plus moisture makes great weather for mushrooms.

The variety of fungi is astounding!

The Old Lady recently learned in a class on mycology that mushrooms are biologically more closely related to animals than they are to plants.

Give that some serious consideration as you admire these lovely creatures.