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Listen LOCAL!


Metal Monday at Ashley Street Station ran the gamut of local talent, from a solo power ukulele to the heaviest of heavy metal.DSCF6389DSCF6405DSCF6396DSCF6410

Sarabeth Warrander sings, like, Taylor Swift songs accompanied by the most intense ukulele playing the Old Lady has ever heard.  Sad songs, in a powerful voice, and a powerful sound out of that little stringed instrument.  You can’t not like Sarabeth.

The two bands from LA, Point Nothing and the Wolves, were well received.

And mostly-local Dying Whale…150119_005

And that’s a compliment.

But it was Machinist! that the Old Lady really went to hear, featuring Valdostan Jeff Hill.DSCF6426DSCF6412

They’re on tour.  They’re great.  If you want to check out their sound, find them on Facebook and  You know how find stuff faster than the Old Lady can, and it’s late and she’s tired and doesn’t feel like doing your research for you.  So there.DSCF6429DSCF6430


And by the way… as Sarabeth said: “I don’t have anything to sell here tonight, so if you like me you should buy stuff from these other bands.”  Merch helps move the tour along.


“Settings” by Shovar


Artist Sally Shovar of Moultrie, Georgia, mounted an exhibit titled “Settings” at the Jefferson Art Center in Monticello, Florida.DSCF6337 DSCF6342Shovar’s work varies from images of the natural world to commissioned portraits. DSCF6328DSCF6329DSCF6330DSCF6336DSCF6343DSCF6331DSCF6332DSCF6341

If you want to acquire one of Shovar’s paintings, or commission a portrait, comment on this blog and she will get in touch with you.DSCF6344