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New EP from Hall of the Elders

Hall of Elders beefcake

Hall of the Elders, an electronic hardcore band born in Valdosta, Georgia but now gone to Atlanta, has released an EP titled Bioacoustic that distills the madness of their live performance into pure, sweet shots of 100-proof firewater.

From the first metronomic tones of the first cut, Option 2, the listener has no option but to remain.

Keven Hammonds-McArthur‘s controlled but manic lead guitar lines intertwine with Jonah Edwards’ deep hard bass, using the drummer Nick McLendon’s explosive percussion as a steel framework to build these tunes so they can hold up to vocalist Mark Jackson’s now wailing, now growling voice.

The Old Lady’s favorite tracks:

Don’t Mess with the Mayor sneaks up out of the darkness like a mugger, catching up and snatching up your attention, holding you hostage with grinding beats and lyrical interludes until you’re ready to give up that last twenty you have stashed in your shoe.

Undertoe washes in pleasantly over your feet, but brings on its sea breeze the despairing cries of distant drowned voices.  Swim at your own risk!

Animal jumps on your back with all four paws, scratching and clawing at your ears with a smooth jungle viciousness that beguiles you into becoming willing prey.  Lay down and die, and bon appétit!

You can hear download the Bioacoustic EP at and check out the store… there’s merch, man!

If you want to book this on-the-way-to-greatness group, contact them at and tell them the Old Lady sent you.Bioacoustic

Support for Shoog

Shoog photo

Shoog McDaniel is an artist living in Gainesville, Florida, who is working on a photographic exhibit titled Queers in Nature.  The collection captures friends interacting with Florida’s natural beauty.

                These photos will be displayed at the F.L.A. gallery in downtown Gainesville, date TBA.

But first, Shoog’s photos must be printed and framed.

So Shoog threw a DANCE PARTY FUNDRAISER so that friends could offer financial support.DSCF5507

If you would like to offer some support to this artist, send an email to


The Long Slow Dance of the Death of a Tree


In the Georgia woods all is life, birds and squirrels and other creatures going about their daily business.

At the same time… one hears the sound of death.

A soft scratching underlies the birdcalls and squirrel chatter.  A pine tree is infested with pine bark beetles, the sound of their jaws in the wood a rhythmic and persistent chewing under the bark.DSCF5427DSCF5418The tree stands tall, bleeding resin and sawdust.  Its bare branches rise into the sunlight, but there are no needles left on those twigs.  The tree is dying, slowly, eaten alive by the inexorable hunger of those tiny insect assassins.  DSCF5413DSCF5414

The tree stands tall, embracing its death.


Dream with me

Death of a tree

Skeleton dance

Bare twig and branch

Reaching high

Unreachable sky

Sing bright sun

O dying one