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Teach Your Children Well*


A young lady at the Bleu Pub asked the Old Lady: “Is your son in the band?”

She seemed bewildered to hear that the Old Lady has no children and just came to hear the music.

“Besides,” cackled the Old Lady, “it would be more like my GRANDson.”

Blindfish opened the set, and OMG are these kids young!  They all looked to the Old Lady to be no more than about twelve.  But man, can these boys play!


Their songlist ran heavily to the Beatles and Pink Floyd, and they do more than passable covers of songs that the Old Lady has loved for decades.  Fundamentals, she thought, tapping her foot.  It’s just like the scales and Broadway show tunes she started out with in elementary school band.  Learn well these old psychedelic rock licks, and let’s see where they go when they start to create their own music.  The Old Lady can hardly wait.

Matt Mullis
Matt Mullis

A word about lead guitar Matt Mullis: he put more energy into Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Freebird” than the Old Lady has heard live lately.  Watch this kid.

Balloon Assembly Line
Balloon Assembly Line

Balloon Assembly Line closed out the evening.   The Old Lady is keeping an eye on Kelby Clark as he produces fresh and new material every time she seems him.  The addition of Matt Mullis to the Balloon Assembly Lineup this night was particularly interesting.

Fresh.  New.  This is what the Old Lady looks for in live music.  And that’s why she listens to kids who could easily be her grandchildren… if she’d ever gotten around to having any.DSCF6129

Oh, and a word about the Bleu Pub in downtown Valdosta, Georgia: what a great venue for these performances.  The wood-floor ceiling and distressed-brick walls give the place the comfortable feel of somebody’s basement rec room while concentrating the raw energy of these bands.   The place was crowded and not really conducive to photography, and frankly the Old Lady was tired and not feeling terribly conducive herself.  So, sorry, guys, no good pix.


* lyric by Graham Nash







A Recommendation from the Old Lady

Cindy Q Sings

A recommendation from the Old Lady:

If you are in the Valdosta, Georgia, area during December 2014 try to catch singer/guitar player Cindy Quick performing at Giulio’s Greek & Italian Restaurant which is located at 105 E. Ann Street near Valdosta State University.

Cindy has a full sweet voice and plays guitar with a delicate and lyrical touch.  She sits like an elegant jewel in a glass windowed alcove off one room of the restaurant all a-sparkle with tiny white lights among green plants.  Her repertoire of songs runs from James Taylor to Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen… and more!

She sets such a romantic atmosphere.  The food is excellent too.

Call ahead to make sure which weekend evenings she will be performing.   Giulio’s phone number is 229-333-0929.

Don’t miss it!  Listen to the Old Lady!

New EP from Hall of the Elders

Hall of Elders beefcake

Hall of the Elders, an electronic hardcore band born in Valdosta, Georgia but now gone to Atlanta, has released an EP titled Bioacoustic that distills the madness of their live performance into pure, sweet shots of 100-proof firewater.

From the first metronomic tones of the first cut, Option 2, the listener has no option but to remain.

Keven Hammonds-McArthur‘s controlled but manic lead guitar lines intertwine with Jonah Edwards’ deep hard bass, using the drummer Nick McLendon’s explosive percussion as a steel framework to build these tunes so they can hold up to vocalist Mark Jackson’s now wailing, now growling voice.

The Old Lady’s favorite tracks:

Don’t Mess with the Mayor sneaks up out of the darkness like a mugger, catching up and snatching up your attention, holding you hostage with grinding beats and lyrical interludes until you’re ready to give up that last twenty you have stashed in your shoe.

Undertoe washes in pleasantly over your feet, but brings on its sea breeze the despairing cries of distant drowned voices.  Swim at your own risk!

Animal jumps on your back with all four paws, scratching and clawing at your ears with a smooth jungle viciousness that beguiles you into becoming willing prey.  Lay down and die, and bon appétit!

You can hear download the Bioacoustic EP at and check out the store… there’s merch, man!

If you want to book this on-the-way-to-greatness group, contact them at and tell them the Old Lady sent you.Bioacoustic

Red Door Records ROKZ!

DSCF4824Red Door Records hosted another superb show tonight.

Aughtsong: Joel Dion aka Oikut Kaye
Aughtsong: Joel Dion aka Ouikut Kaye

Aughtsong, formerly of Tallahassee but now right here in Valdosta, played first.  Right now Aughtsong is a solo act, just Joel Dion (aka Ouikut Kaye) and his guitar.  The sound is melodic and dreamy, just fine as a stand-alone but it would be interesting to hear Joel with some backup.  The guy has a sweet insecurity about his performing which adds to his charm.  He played a song from a group he used to play with – Little League – and at one point forgot the words.  He apologized, saying “The song’s about drinking to forget, so I was just pushing the point.”  It’s worth pushing the point of getting this guy out to perform more often, he’s well worth listening to.  Find his stuff online at

Balloon Assembly Line
Balloon Assembly Line

Next up: Balloon Assembly Line.  Kelby Clark is one of the most innovative musicians in south Georgia; everything he touches turns to music!  The telephone handset used as a mic is inventive and has a nostalgic, hallucinatory sound.



Kyle Keller came in from busking on the Georgia coast in time to take up his capable bass, and Derek Barkalow is back from basic training and back on the drum set.  They’ve got out a brand new 7” EP, with the disk etched onto a square clear piece of polycarbonate material… this EP looks exactly like the band sounds.  You can hear it at

The Old Lady can’t wait to hear what Balloon Assembly Line turns out next!

Buffalo Buffalo
Buffalo Buffalo

Headliner tonight was Buffalo Buffalo, just hitting the road from Tallahassee for a two and a half week tour.  They’ll be in Savannah tomorrow night at the Bomb Shelter, but as the lead singer said “Playing packed little record stores like this are some of the funnest shows – awesome!”  Buf Buf’s new CD, Coping Systems, has some great punk tunes that edge nervously toward hardcore.  Live is always preferable, but if you can’t make any of the tour shows (check their Facebook page for the schedule) then get your fix at

We love you, Jessica!
We love you, Jessica!

The Old Lady sends a BIG shout out to Jessica of Red Door Records, who is the local music scene’s BFF!  Jessica also gave the Old Lady her first shot at print in Valdosta with the Glass Onion street rag.  That column morphed into the blog that you are reading now.  Thanks, Jessica!

SUPPORT LIVE LOCAL MUSIC!  It’s what Jessica does!




RoadPix – Valdosta, Georgia


The Old Lady is fixing to hit the highway, with lots of stops along the way.  She likes to share her perspective on the places she passes through and she figures, why not start right where she lives?  Too often people discount the place they live as ordinary but if they would step outside of their routine, slow down, and focus they would find that there are sights to be seen that are worth sharing.

Here’s what the Old Lady likes in downtown Valdosta, Georgia:DSCF4750

Street sculpture is always fun.  This one has a dual purpose: you can chain your bicycle to it.DSCF4753

Old buildings offer architecture that is outdated both because of changing styles and because nobody will pay the price of hiring artisans to do this kind of work on commercial buildings anymore.DSCF4764Old decorative details are always intriguing.DSCF4766

The ruins of buildings offer their own ethereal beauty.


And in conclusion, the irony of this image speaks volumes.         DSCF4755

Farm Daze

Every first and third Saturday of the summer months are Farm Days on the Historic Courthouse Square in Valdosta, Georgia.

Farmer Coody and his produce
Farmer Coody and his produce

Local farmers and producers of farm products, like the Coody family, pitch their tents and display their wares, all at well-below-grocery store prices.

Some of these products you can’t even buy in the grocery store, like GG’s Sugared Peppers, jalapeno peppers preserved in a secret spicy-sweet sauce that will raise your eyebrows and knock your socks off.

Where else will you see a giant cabbage proudly displayed like a fine sculpture?

Passerby poses with the Giant Cabbage
Passerby poses with the Giant Cabbage

Farm Days is where you can buy fresh Georgia pecans by the pound from Cindy and Jerry Quick, owners of Clover Pecan Company.  The Quicks grow their own pecans on a farm located in a remote area of south Georgia far from any major highways, cities, and factories.  Their trees breathe clean country air, drink water from their own natural spring-fed pond, and are fertilized by the nitrogen-fixing red clover planted around the trees.   They are as close to organic as any pecans you can buy.  Then the Quicks hand-package the shelled nuts in rustic little burlap bags screen-printed with the Clover Pecan Company logo.

Cindy & Jerry Quick at the Clover Pecan Company booth
Cindy & Jerry Quick at the Clover Pecan Company booth

“Pecans are the healthiest nuts on the planet and contain more antioxidants than walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds, peanuts or cashews,” explains Cindy.

You can order these pecans online, at

Nut-tritious, de-licious, high-quality food at an affordable price.

Look for the Quicks, the Coodys, GG, and many other locals at the next Farm Day.