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The Old Lady is deeply grieved over the latest mass shooting, and completely confused by the continuing debate over gun availability and ownership:

“But, what about my hunting rifle?”

“But, what about my personal defense handgun?”

“But, what about the constitutional right of all Americans to own guns?”

“’But’, this is insanity!” choked The Old Lady through her tears, “these ‘buts’ are killing us!”

Ruminations on Ruins

Maybe it comes with age… but The Old Lady has a particular fondness for ruins.

In Madison, Florida, she discovered the ruins of a stone wall surrounding the ruins of an abandoned camellia garden.

The wall itself was made up of broken-up chunks of concrete pavement, the old kind with pebbles mixed into the concrete. Here and there scavenged bricks had been added to the wall.And nearby, a path was laid with broken bricks.Early examples of recycling!

(singing) “Everything old is new again…”






Fata Morgana

The Old Lady loves American author William Kotzwinkle mainly because every one of his numerous books is written in a different style. No genre fiction here!

But her very favorite Kotzwinkle book is Fata Morgana, which she re-reads every few years for the same reason she re-reads Alice in Wonderland: the protagonist takes the reader on a dream-like journey through a surreal landscape only to find that there is more to this realm that meets the mundane eye.

Fata Morgana is seductive and beautiful; if you elect to fall under its spell you will not regret choosing enchantment.

READ this book!  LISTEN to The Old Lady!