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Beguile, LIVE

The industrial projects Divorce Ring and Virgin Flower (see previous blog) celebrated the release of their split album Beguile with a guerrilla performance in a “super-secret location” which turned out to be on the top floor of a parking garage at Valdosta State University.

The set was theatrically perfect for this in-your-face-AND-ears type of music, and Josh Touchton/Virgin Flower’s set was performance art in the old-school punk format.Kelby L Clark/Divorce Ring followed with less performance and more musical intensity. The man is a mad scientist of sound.Well-known Valdosta musician Jordan Ganas brought his industrial techtronic chops with a keyboard piece that echoed with the cold tension of the first Halloween movie.  The Old Lady would not have been surprised to see Michael Myers lurking in the darkened parking lot.

Gladys Harlow/Street Rat closed the show with a powerfully-warped guitar that echoed nicely off the bare concrete walls.  You GO, grrl!

This show was as edgy a scene as The Old Lady has managed to find in Valdosta GA, and just as valid a scene as anything that has been perpetrated in any of the places that elitists may regard as “cooler” than extreme south Georgia.

Who knew that in Valdosta the year 2017 would be found at the top of a parking garage?

BEGUILE, The Album

When John broke out of his own Cage, he left the door ajar for a zooful of musical experimentalists.

One such, sound scientist Kelby L Clark of Valdosta GA, has released his latest work on Beguile, a split album between his solo project Divorce Ring and another solo act called Virgin Flower from Jacksonville, FL.

Divorce Ring’s two cuts are heavy high-powered and thickly-produced industrial dronebuzz, morphing on the second track into unearthly hoots and howls swirling through a psychedelic sonic jungle.

Virgin Flower’s three tracks then strap the listener in for a funhouse hauntedhouse rollercoaster darkthrillride.

Listening to this album gives The Old Lady flashbacks of the shivery feeling she got as a kid while watching pre-60s black&white monster movies.

Ambient music is the earworm in its feral form, burrowing into your brain until you squeak UNCLE.

If you’re into it, you will like Beguile.

If you’re not, you won’t.

EVERYTHING IS MUSIC – Lou ReedHear more music at


BTW both of these groups are now on tour… check their Fb pages, here’s the intinerary:

5/28 – Asheville, NC

5/29 – Roanoke, VA

5/30 – Providence, RI

5/31 – Belchertown, MA

6/01 – Philadelphia, PA

6/02 – Baltimore, MD

6/03 – Richmond, VA

6/04 – Charlotte, NC


There is More to a Garden Than Flowers…

… mused The Old Lady as she strolled through Kanapaha Botanical Gardens in Gainesville, Florida.


The east and the west are mine, and the north and the south are mine. – Walt Whitman, Song of the Open Road

The East and the West belong to God. Wherever you turn, you are always in the presence of God. – The Quran, Chapter (2) sūrat l-baqarah

…complete on every side, equally poised from the centre in every direction, like the mass of a rounded sphere… – Parmenides, On Nature, VIII.40

Do not I fill heaven and earth? declares the Lord. – The Bible, Jeremiah 23:24


Okefenokee Swamp in southeast Georgia. Red indicates the burned area.               

The Old Lady’s very favorite place in the state of Georgia is the Okefenokee Swamp.

And as of this writing, her beloved Swamp is on fire.

It started with a lightning strike on April 6… a totally natural occurrence… and at this time the fire has scorched more than 225 square miles.

The great Swamp NEEDS the occasional wildfire, to burn off the trees and such that would eventually cause the Swamp to dry up and become a forest.  This has been the pattern throughout the Swamp’s history.

But of course, to those creatures who fail to escape ahead of the flames, it spells the End of the World as they know it.  And pity the humans living near the eastern edge, who are now facing evacuations and the possible loss of their homes.

The fire brings disaster and despair… but it is only after the flames have passed can the healing green growth begin.  The cycle takes another turn.  The Swamp survives.

“Hmmm,” muttered The Old Lady, “there’s a metaphor here, if only I could find it.”

The Old Lady’s favorite view of the Swamp, c. 2013

Don’t Miss Out!

The Old Lady missed out.

When she drove through downtown Valdosta, GA, the band was packing up….

… and the tables were being broken down…

… and the crowd had left.

The Old Lady KNEW that today was the first day of the Brown Bag Lunch Concert Series, a week every year when local bands perform on the lawn at the historic Lowndes County Courthouse from 11:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. every day for FREE.

People bring their lunches or buy them from vendors on site, and enjoy the music and their food and the lovely weather.

The Old Lady missed out today.

Don’t be like The Old Lady.

SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC… especially when it’s FREE!

P.S. – The Old Lady has some new readers who have told her that they did not realize that they could scroll down below the current blog entry… and read ALL the blog entries that The Old Lady has ever posted, in reverse order.

So don’t miss out!  Scroll down for previous blog entries that you may not have ever read!