Monthly Archives: December 2016

Reindeer on Radar

The Old Lady noted with a wry grin the Santa Tracker featured on Google Search today, because she remembers the very first “Santa tracker.”

Christmas Eve, circa 1960: a news bulletin suddenly interrupted the TV program.  A serious gentleman behind a desk announced that NORAD had spotted a mysterious flying object incoming over the Arctic Circle. The Old (then Young) Lady and her siblings were ecstatically excited!  Being heavily into UFOs at that time, they thought it was the flying saucers arriving at last!  When the camera took the shot of the radar screen with a crude cutout of Santa’s sleigh moving across to the sound of ho-ho-ho and jingling bells, the disappointment was crushing. 

OK, the technology that makes possible the Google Santa Tracker is amazing.

But The Old Lady has nothing but sympathy for those nerdy kids who would prefer a visit by aliens from a technologically-advanced civilization.

The Old Lady is still waiting.

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