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Atlanta Botanical Gardens

DSCF9876The Old Lady wandered one afternoon through the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, looking for the Orchid Daze Exhibit.

She never found the orchids… but she did find:

Crocuses…DSCF9877… intriguing statuary…

DSCF9880DSCF9893… some live frogs…DSCF9886DSCF9888DSCF9889

…a charming Japanese garden…DSCF9899DSCF9898…an extensive model railroad…DSCF9900DSCF9901DSCF9902… lovely views of the Atlanta skyline…DSCF9890…and The Old Lady’s favorite harbinger of spring in Atlanta – daffodils!DSCF9907

The Train! The Train!


An Amtrak passenger train stopped recently in Madison, Florida, during its trip from New Orleans to Jacksonville… the first time a passenger train made that trip in nearly ten years.

The train was greeted by an enthusiastic and diverse crowd of citizens.DSCF9987

This train was on an “inspection trip”, measuring the possibilities for restoring this route to regular passenger service.

“I would ride this train to Tallahassee at least once a month,” declared one supporter. Another expressed the hope that the restored service would eventually extend to connect Florida with California.


The Old Lady witnessed the event and experimented with something her Mother talked about doing as a child: she placed pennies on the steel rails for the train to run over and flatten.

It works!DSCF9983DSCF9997DSCF9996

Rail service from Madison, Florida would also benefit south Georgians; Madison is only about thirty miles from Valdosta, GA.

If you would like to see this route restored to regular service, to go and let Amtrak know of your interest.

Speak out!  Don’t let this be the last trip!
Speak out! Don’t let this be the last trip!

Side Trip

Cold Turkey
Cold Turkey

The Old Lady turned off the main highway, looking for High Falls.

She never found it.

But she DID find…

An ancient emporium in ruins
An ancient emporium in ruins
Turkey in the (pine) Straw
Turkey in the (pine) Straw
More ruins
More ruins

Sometimes when we get lost, it is so that we will look at what we would not have seen if we had not gotten lost.


The Piggle Who Fell to Earth


Once upon a time… because all the very best stories begin with “Once upon a time”… once upon a time The Old Lady was sitting all alone in the north Georgia woods, minding her own business, when she heard something crashing against branches and leaves as it fell down from a great height through the hardwood trees until it finally landed with a THUD on the leaf litter near her.

It was a piggle, a CATER-piggle…DSCF9301

… and it was a BIG one…DSCF9303

… and as The Old Lady watched it began to move so very slowly that at first she did not think it was moving at all…DSCF9302

… but it WAS, and as she continued to watch it began to disappear into the ground so very slowly that it appeared as if the ground was gradually absorbing the piggle…DSCF9304DSCF9306

… until it was GONE!DSCF9307

All Creatures…


As much as The Old Lady loves humans, she likes critters too… sometimes even better.

After all, what’s better than a pile of puppies…Doberman pups… or a wild-eyed Brown Thrasher?Wildeyed Brown Thrasher

There’s piggies…Piglet and Mom

…and piggles… CATER-piggles, that is…DSCF2308DSCF2311DSCF2808… and the resulting butterbees.DSCF9278

TXB2Gd for all creatures great and small!Red Bellied Wdpkr on Fence