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The Old Lady loves creative oddities, so how could she not attend an event called Tubaween?

The First Annual Tubaween was performed by tuba and euphonium players who study in the Music Department of Valdosta State University.

The full VSU Tuba Euphonium Ensemble, under the direction of Daniel Rowland, kicked off the evening with a powerful rendition of Bach’s Toccata from the Toccata & Fugue in D Minor. They then switched to a lilting German beer-hall sound on the merry Octuba.

But the star piece of the evening was a four-part work titled Eternal Darkness, by Vince Butler IV who is a VSU student.  Bravo! The Old Lady looks forward to hearing more from Mr. Butler in the future.

Then things got really weird.

The South Georgia Terror Trio played, and spoke, an odd piece titled Tubifer’s Saga.

The Fresh Meat Quartet, so-called because they are all freshmen, played Toad Patrol.

The Bloody Brass Quintet, all decked out in full Walking Dead garb and mannerisms, performed Tim Burton’s This is Halloween which was arranged by the euphonium player, Stephanie Adams. A most entertaining piece, this was fun to hear.

The Ensemble then finished the evening with the theme song from the TV series Twin Peak and the theme from the movie Back to the Future.

                By the way, this most interesting and entertaining concert cost the Old Lady not one thin dime. Admission was free. No charge, for a very creative and enjoyable performance.

If you live near a college with a music department, check their website for performances like this. You’ll have a great time at no expense, you may just hear some terrific music, and you can support the young performers by your presence.