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The Art of Building


The Old Lady was hanging out with friends beside a bonfire one fine fall night, when she heard a lot of crunching and cracking in the nearby woods.

“Oh, that’s just Katy,” explained one friend, “she’s working on her fort.”

He went on to say that Katy had noticed two small trees whose trunks had curved towards each other. DSCF6242

With that start, she began to weave branches and trunks together to form a framework…DSCF6243DSCF6244DSCF6288

… and the fort began to take shape.

DSCF6256Then she began to stuff leafy branches and loose leaves into the framework.DSCF6260DSCF6262

Soon she had walls…DSCF6268

… and a ceiling which sheds all but the heaviest rain…DSCF6266

… so she put in furniture.DSCF6264

Katy’s fort is still a work in progress, a labor of love.  Katy’s love for what she is doing shows in her art of building.DSCF6272

You can listen to the interview with Katy Kendrick here:


The Little Places


The Old Lady likes the little highways best of all.

That’s where she finds the cool stuff.


Along a stretch of CR200 in the community of Sparr, Florida, stand several metal sculptures. DSCF6166DSCF6167DSCF6168

The place appeared deserted.  Only the roadside signs bore silent witness.DSCF6171

Further south, in a field along the highway through Anthony, the Old Lady spotted an orange kitchen trailer.DSCF6172Smokin Swamp BBQ features a brisket sandwich that tastes smoky and savory and simply superb.  Try it with the Carolina Tangy sauce.

You can find Smokin Swamp BBQ on Facebook at  and see a map of the location.

Slow down and take the small roads.  Adventures await in the little places!  Listen to the Old Lady!




The Old Lady occasionally takes part in a Women Writers Workshop at Crones Cradle Conserve in Citra, Florida.

The Workshops are fun… a communal dinner, followed by writing exercises and discussions of good writing, among other things.

And CCC is a lovely place to visit.  The Conserve is a wildlife refuge and land preserve surrounding an organic, sustainable farm operation.  Vegetables are grown in raised beds with natural fertilizers.DSCF6156DSCF6146DSCF6150DSCF6149

The organic produce is available for sale along with local honey and grass-fed beef.  The store stocks various pickles and preserves and art by local artists.

Art is also displayed throughout the Conserve.DSCF6161 DSCF3837

CCC hosts various activities and events, and is available for group retreats.

Contact them at (352) 595-3377, see their website at, look for them on Facebook at or just drop by at 6411 NE 217 PL, Citra, Florida.DSCF6144