Sitting Sheep: Day Five

Martha, 17 years old
Sammi, 1 year old


Jackie, 8 years old

Somebody asked The Old Lady how she would handle the sheep all by herself.

She has help: three Border Collies, bred and trained to herd sheep.

Martha is retired and wears a jacket to ward off the Idaho chill.

Jackie is an old hand and can handle any lagging lambs.

Sammi watches Jackie and learns by doing, but there isn’t enough work to keep her occupied.

It turns out that one of the hardest parts of the job is throwing the ball to keep Sammi happy.

Ewe would not believe how much energy this dog has!

3 thoughts on “Sitting Sheep: Day Five

  1. Julie – my fiance and I have an 18 month old Border Collie. Extremely smart and very energetic. Enjoy your time “out West” with the sheep and their dogs. Or should I say the dogs and their sheep!

    1. Ginya, I am having a wonder-ful time! Y’know, every time I say “Wow, God, thank you for letting me have so much fun, I guess my life is just about perfect”, God takes it as a challenge and offers me an even more interesting adventure.

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