Dirty Bird and the Flu – UPDATE

Longtime readers will know that The Old Lady loves her some Dirty Bird!

photo by Zach Harhausen

Tonight at Red Door Records in Valdosta GA, Dirty Bird and the Flu celebrated the release of their new album, #suavetone, a compilation of rockin’ downhome bluesy tunes that had The Old Lady patting her feet and nodding her head.

For the backstory on the album, see http://www.valdostadailytimes.com/news/local_news/dirty-bird-and-the-flu-new-album-flies-the-coop/article_0d093fa1-92f7-51a7-98e6-7627c2587f4d.html

But The Old Lady loves opening acts… especially because sometimes she can only hang late enough to hear the opening acts… and tonight’s opening act was Dirty Bird’s friend Larry Martin.

Larry’s tenor voice and Dylanesque lyrics were a pleasure to The Old Lady’s ears.

Keep an ear out, Larry Martin’s on his way!

And for more Dirty Bird and the Flu, their new album is available on the band’s Facebook page and will soon be on iTunes, Spotify and Pandora.


Could Have Danced All Night…

… at Red Door Records’ Geezer Dance Party.  Except that it ended at 9, a decent hour for geezers like The Old Lady.

Jessica Ganas, owner of Red Door, has brought a lot of new ideas to Valdosta GA.  Live music in a record store?  Single-screen cinema with food, beer, and wine?  The Geezer Dance Party?  Jessica’s ideas!

Young and old danced to the hits.

The light show for this dance party was no disco ball… rather, Jessica screened 2001: A Space Odyssey with the sound turned down and the music turned UP!

The Old Lady not only had a wonderful time dancing, she was celebrating the memory of the Purple Dragon with a new ‘do provided by Valdosta’s premier hair specialist Penny Jordan, of Jordan’s Salon.

Besides, what else is there to do on a rainy Friday evening in Valdosta GA?

IDAHO. Best. Tacos. Ever.

Tacos?  In Idaho???

“¡Sí, y son maravillosos!” exclaimed The Old Lady.

tHe FuNkY tAco, housed in the coolest airstream ever, feeds the masses every Saturday at the Boise Farmers Market (downtown Boise on Grove Street between 10th and 11th Streets).

The Old Lady chose the Chicken Thaico Taco and was presented with a plate of food so big she did not think she could eat it all and so delicious that she ate every bite anyway.

Sorry, no photo… did I just SAY she ate the whole thing???

The charming couple who make tHe FuNkY tAco happen use locally-sourced ingredients – hence the motto “From Farm to Taco” – and their own culinary creativity to offer a uniquely delicious taco experience. The menu changes constantly according to what local foods are in season.  All tacos are prepared fresh when you order, so be prepared to wait patiently. These tacos are worth the wait!

If you can’t get to the Boise Farmers Market you can also find tHe FuNkY tAco at Boise’s annual Treefort Music Fest… and you can find BOTH on Facebook!“¡Conseguir su taco!” (loosely translated: Get your taco on!)

IDAHO! Best. Yard Signs. Ever.

Boise, the capitol of Idaho, is a city that cares about all the things that make life worthwhile, and residents express that caring in their yard signs… even the ones that remind drivers to SLOW DOWN.One homeowner cared enough about this tree to memorialize the date of its planting.

But the yard sign seen in the most yards around Boise, and by far The Old Lady’s favorite, is this one:

Feed the Hungry

The Old Lady stood beside her truck in a shady parking spot, munching a leftover rib from her cooler.

Then she saw her.

She seemed shy, almost afraid, but obviously very interested in The Old Lady’s food.

Maybe she was homeless, or maybe she actually lived in a nearby house and was well fed… The Old Lady didn’t ask.

When the partially-gnawed rib bone landed in the grass near her, Miss Kitty grabbed it and ran a safe distance away before settling down to gnaw off the remaining meat.

Did that story give you a warm fuzzy feeling?

Was it because the beggar was a cat?

“I hope,” mused The Old Lady, “that you remember that warm fuzzy feeling next time you are approached by a human being who asks and that you give that person something good to eat or at least some money so that they can buy what they need. It is not up to us to judge who deserves our help; it is up to us to provide some help when we are asked.”

IDAHO! Best. Wildlife. Ever.

Marmots in the meadow

Standing up like prairie dogs.

Mule deer in the forest

Stepping over black pine logs.


Elk and brown-phase sandhill cranes

Share space on Burgdorf Creek.

I try not to disturb them;

I only want a peek.

Idaho wildlife gave The Old Lady MUCH more than a peek; they gave her the full monty.

Wildlife photography is difficult at best and usually impossible, so you will just have to take The Old Lady’s word that she saw pronghorn antelope, elk, gray fox, Western tanagers, and a deer giving birth beside a river (no, really!).

Deer tend to be elusive.  Can you find the deer in these photos?A cinnamon bear provided the best interaction of all.The bear actually approached the car, not in an aggressive manner but peering at The Old Lady with some curiosity.

With her curiosity apparently satisfied, she then allowed her two cubs to scramble down out of the tree where they had taken refuge.

The cubs moved so fast photography was out of the question, so The Old Lady just savored the sight of the bear family ambling off into the woods together.

IDAHO!  Best.  Adventure.  EVER!

IDAHO! Best. Adventure. Ever.

Three weeks, and The Old Lady barely scratched the surface of Idaho.

From the prairie to the desert, from the forest to the foothills to the mountains, past lakes and ponds and rushing snowmelt streams, The Old Lady barely scratched the surface.A variety of experiences offered themselves for her enjoyment.An astounding amount of wildlife presented itself for her amazement.

This wild and wooly state opened its welcoming arms and showed The Old Lady the best time of her life… so far.

At the moment, she is speechless… but stay tuned, she is finding the words!

IDAHO!  Best.  Adventure.  EVER!  

You GO, Grads!

In this season of Graduations, The Old Lady sends a shout-out to all the students who are celebrating their achievements.


Friend with her dog

No names for the internet; these two simply represent ALL who are doing the cap-and-gown get-down! CONGRATULATIONS!

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself
any direction you choose.

–Dr. Seuss


Beautiful, Inside and Out

The Old Lady loves the Harn Museum of Art at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

Greeted by a goddess of healing, The Old Lady was looking for love amongst the art… and she found it!

The small notice below the label…

… was explained nearby:

Thank you, Harn Museum!