Sitting Sheep: Day One

Meadowlark Farm in Nampa, Idaho, is home to 110 sheep.

Sheep are flock animals, very social by nature, so one thing a sheeptender must do is watch out for a sheep off by itself. “A separated sheep means something is amiss,” advised Janie while training The Old Lady.

The elderly ewe shown above was very ill sometime ago. She has never fully recovered from that mysterious sickness and as a result is now a loner.

They call her VirusMom.

Sitting Sheep: An Introduction

The Old Lady works as a dogsitter and over the years has also cared for chickens , fish, horses, and goats.

But sitting sheep is a new adventure!

Lesson #1: know where the ram is at all times. A cautionary tale was told about a friend whose leg was broken.

There’s a reason they call them RAMS!

To be continued (she said sheepishly, getting an early start on the cheap sheep jokes).



Only You Can Keep Live Music Alive

The Old Lady managed to stagger out two nights in a row to look for live music in Valdosta GA and she found two things:
1. GREAT performances by local musicians,
2. SPARSE audiences.

Red Door Records hosted an evening of experimental electronic sound art…

Maidenhead, Kelby Clark’s latest incarnation
Strangeways, perpetrated by Jordan Ganas









Street Rat… Gladys Harlow is from Miami…
… but she has performed in Valdosta twice now. Doesn’t that qualify as local? (demanded The Old Lady, snippily)

… and the Bleu Pub featured Dirty Bird & the Flu.

A bad photo… apologies to Bird and Paw Paw

The good news: The Old Lady had no problem finding good seats.

The BAD news: both of these musical evenings should have been standing room only… but, they weren’t.

SUPPORT LIVE LOCAL MUSIC… it makes your community a better place to live.

I, in the Sky

Picture courtesy Google images

A shadow as big as the moon

Fell on Earth, brought night to noon,

And darkness hid the day.

But the light endured,

Was only obscured,

And the shadow moved away.

The message is clear:

We must not fear

When shadows move across

For darkness may hide

But cannot destroy

And the light is never lost.


The Love ROCKS! 2017 Project

Things have been a little rocky.

Rocks keep showing up, in the oddest places.  Not just any rocks, rocks with little paintings on them.  It’s a thing.  You paint positive images and messages on rocks, then place them for others to find.The Old Lady decided to cut to the chase: seeing’s as how scientists say that just SEEING the word “love” causes certain positive chemical changes in human beings, she is creating and distributing Love Rocks.Many of these rocks have already been released into the wild, where they will turn feral and ambush people with sudden messages of LOVE.Love ROCK somebody’s world today!

Happy Birday

Regular readers know that The Old Lady loves her some Dirty Bird.Dirty Bird and the Flu put on a good-time toe-tapping foot-stompin’ PARTY, y’all, and that party was not for the faint of feet.

Bird’s gravelly-holler voice has matured – hey, it’s his 27th birthday! “Gettin’ on up there,” he said with a rueful grin. The Old Lady shook her gray locks and laughed in his face. You just wait, Bird, the best is still ahead of you!

Meanwhile, catch the Flu. They’re all getting nothing but better, and you’ll feel better too.

LISTEN to The Old Lady!

The Old Lady’s favorite Saturday-night view.

Memorial: The Rest of the Story

Barely a month before The Old Lady visited the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial in Boise ID, vandals attacked the site. Anti-Semitic and racial slur were scrawled across some of the plaques in an apparent effort to cover the memorial’s messages of hope with statements of hate.

It didn’t work.

The effort was counter-productive, instead inspiring citizens to immediately donate thousands of dollars toward repairs and to open community dialogues about how to react to hateful speech and actions.

“We will repair. We will replace. And we will expand the memorial with the addition of the Marilyn Shuler classroom for human rights,” said Dan Prinzing, director of the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights, which is the builder of and home of the Idaho memorial.Hate turned to hope.  An attack turned into an opportunity for LOVE and growth.

Way to go, Idaho!

IDAHO! Best. Memorial. Ever.

Near downtown Boise, The Old Lady discovered the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial.

Readers may have to magnify some photos to read the inscriptions.. The Old Lady advises that it is worth your time to do so.

This memorial is much more than a remembrance of a murdered child and her dreams.

Quotes from people as diverse as Dr. Seuss, Frederick Douglass, and Elie Wiesel adorn the stone walls, speaking louder to the world as the years progress.The exhortations of sages throughout the ages are immortalized in stone to remind us NOW, in the year 2017, of our true purpose on this planet.The Old Lady wept, not with tears of sadness but with tears of joy, at the hope and LOVE etched here that speak to us all today and forever.Best.  Memorial.  EVER!

MAMA’s Club

Faye Williams. Photo borrowed from Facebook, photographer unknown (contact The Old Lady for photo credit).

MAMA’s Club officially opens in Gainesville FL on August 1!

Owner Faye Williams is a Gainesville native who spent years in Washington DC establishing Sisterspace and Books, a feminist and African-American culture oriented bookstore and community center.  After the powers-that-be in the nation’s capitol managed to evict Sisterspace and take over the building for their own purposes Faye returned to the city of her birth.

“And I found the same crap going on here as when I left so many years ago, only it’s getting worse,” stated Faye, “the racism, discrimination against women, homophobia… it’s all gotten worse.”

So she is doing something about all that.

MAMA’s Club is on the south end of Main Street in the neighborhood known as Porter’s Quarters, one of the pockets of poverty that remain neglected in this university-focused town.  In 2007, Gainesville was ranked as one of the “best places to live and play” in the United States by National Geographic Adventure[ … and yet a decade later, in 2017, Porter’s Quarters and other majority-black neighborhoods remain underserved by city government.

“MAMA’s Club is now the ONLY black-owned business on Main Street,” Faye explained, “and we have had to fight the city every step of the way just to get started.”

MAMA stands for Music, Art, Movement, ACTION. MAMA’s Club offers evenings of live performances ranging from Faye’s beloved jazz to hip-hop, punk, and all musical genres (the Club served as one of the venues for the recent Gainesville Underground Theatre Festival) as well as comedy, poetry, and other spoken-word arts.

During the day Faye plans to offer dance classes, GED classes, chess classes… “Whatever the community tells me it needs,” Faye says.

August 16 will officially kick off regular Wednesday Grab ‘Da Mike nights.  Karaoke singers and performers of all types are welcome, according to host Cheryl Floyd-Lucas, to come by and GRAB ‘DA MIKE!

You can find more about MAMA’s Club on Facebook at

and if you want to offer your support for this project you can do so online at


And as Faye says:  PEACE… LOVE… and JUSTICE!