G.U.T. Fest

The Gainesville Underground Theatre Festival kicked off a weekend of performances with an eclectic collection of gutsy, edgy rising stars.

From an Abe Lincoln impersonator playing adult card games…

…to a lovely male stripper who, by the way, also eats fire…

Jadynn Starr…
… he’s HOT!


…to musicians of various genres…

The Old Lady was not sure what was happening here but she liked it!

…the three venues in and around the Civic Media Center exploded with young talent.

Robin Best: one woman, one guitar
Theatre Strike Force
Street Rat: punk dronebuzz
Rayya: GRL PWR
Kolezanka: sensual sounds
TIME: more than music

As the brochure explains, “GUTFEST EXISTS TO EMPOWER EMERGING ARTISTS TO MAKE RISKY, DIVERSE ART”… which made for an evening of fine entertainment.

GUTFEST continues Saturday and Sunday.


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