Okefenokee Swamp in southeast Georgia. Red indicates the burned area.               

The Old Lady’s very favorite place in the state of Georgia is the Okefenokee Swamp.

And as of this writing, her beloved Swamp is on fire.

It started with a lightning strike on April 6… a totally natural occurrence… and at this time the fire has scorched more than 225 square miles.

The great Swamp NEEDS the occasional wildfire, to burn off the trees and such that would eventually cause the Swamp to dry up and become a forest.  This has been the pattern throughout the Swamp’s history.

But of course, to those creatures who fail to escape ahead of the flames, it spells the End of the World as they know it.  And pity the humans living near the eastern edge, who are now facing evacuations and the possible loss of their homes.

The fire brings disaster and despair… but it is only after the flames have passed can the healing green growth begin.  The cycle takes another turn.  The Swamp survives.

“Hmmm,” muttered The Old Lady, “there’s a metaphor here, if only I could find it.”

The Old Lady’s favorite view of the Swamp, c. 2013

One thought on “FIRE! FIRE!

  1. It is a disaster, and my heart is broken. I was raised to respect nature and part of it was the maintaining of the forests. You have to clean the under bushes, they are an accelerant to fire and they slow the growth of the trees. It is going to take decades to restore the area.

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