Could Have Danced All Night…

… at Red Door Records’ Geezer Dance Party.  Except that it ended at 9, a decent hour for geezers like The Old Lady.

Jessica Ganas, owner of Red Door, has brought a lot of new ideas to Valdosta GA.  Live music in a record store?  Single-screen cinema with food, beer, and wine?  The Geezer Dance Party?  Jessica’s ideas!

Young and old danced to the hits.

The light show for this dance party was no disco ball… rather, Jessica screened 2001: A Space Odyssey with the sound turned down and the music turned UP!

The Old Lady not only had a wonderful time dancing, she was celebrating the memory of the Purple Dragon with a new ‘do provided by Valdosta’s premier hair specialist Penny Jordan, of Jordan’s Salon.

Besides, what else is there to do on a rainy Friday evening in Valdosta GA?

4 thoughts on “Could Have Danced All Night…

  1. like the hairdo. Now that you mentioned Ï will have dance all night”I will have the song in my head all day or more

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