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Hotter and Hotter


Did the Old Lady say it was hot, last time there was a show at the Elder House in Valdosta, GA?

Tonight was savagely hot.  The Elder House sweated, and stunk, and smoked.

John Weeks stepped up when one of the scheduled bands flaked out.  John puts out a big sound for one man and a guitar, with a heaping helping of angst in his lyrics.  This was his last acoustic set; he promises he’ll be back in September with a full band.  Stay tuned.  Meanwhile, you can sample his acoustic history at

In Life’s Wake is also in transition; after tonight a couple of the guys are moving on to other places.  Tonight’s grinding set sent them off in fine style.  Good luck, boyz!  They’ve left a legacy for us to remember them by at

Me and the Trinity are on tour from Savannah; tonight was the first time they’ve ever been in Valdosta.  The Old Lady hopes it won’t be the last.  Find out why at

Dying Whale finished the night, playing dark metal hardcore.  They put in a pretty energetic set for such a hot night.  Check’em at


Seems that Elder House is in transition too.  The band Hall of the Elders is losing at least one member, and the future of this venue is up in the air.  Everything changes, nothing remains the same, but it’s all okay kids.


More Metal & Mosh

DSCF4491               Another hot summer night at the Old Lady’s favorite house venue in Valdosta, Elder House.  Another crammed lineup.  Another stoked crowd.


It just doesn’t get much better than this.

Hot Barrel 45
Hot Barrel 45

Hot Barrel 45 got the ball rolling with originals that are intricate, both melodically and rhythmically, as well as heavy.


Artifacts threw some slamming hardcore at an in-your-face audience.

Hall of the Elders
Hall of the Elders

DSCF4520DSCF4535               The host band, Hall of the Elders, was impeccable as always.

In Life's Wake... seriously, this band sounds like this picture looks.  Really.
In Life’s Wake… seriously, this band sounds like this picture looks. Really.

In Life’s Wake ground out some major metal.

Meridian, lead singer
Meridian, lead singer

Meridian, a hardcore band from New York, wrapped up the show just before midnight.

Meridian’s lead singer gave a shout out to Reese, one of the Valdosta kids, who responded to a desperate Tweet and let the band crash at his place.


This is what the Old Lady really likes about this local metal scene: these people really care about each other, and take care of each other.  The music may sound raw and mean, but there’s love in this scene, y’know what I mean?










Hardcore Happiness



The lead singer for Nebraska Bricks was screaming it, and everybody at Elder House was doing it!

Hot summer nights are made for hardcore shows in the cramped quarters of Elder House.


Carrier kicked it off; they’re sorta south-Georgia local since they’re from Columbus and have been on tour with Nebraska Bricks for 35 days.  You’d think these guys would be fried by now, but oh no!  They’re ready to go!  And go they did!  “Just some gnarly, sweaty dudes” they say, but if you can’t savor the sweat in person then listen to a free sample at


Nebraska Bricks came on like a ton of their namesake bricks (their name comes from the title of a track on an album by Save the Day).  HOLD ON TO YOUR TRUTH! the singer shouted, then took hold of his own with both hands and slung it around the tiny room!  Their upcoming record is titled LIVE IN PAIN, DIE IN VAIN, but if you just can’t wait you can download their album REDEMPTION for free at   Free, folks, that means no charge!

STRENGTHEN WHAT REMAINS with borrowed drums and a rented minivan, plus they laughed about it!  These guys are troopers!
STRENGTHEN WHAT REMAINS with borrowed drums and a rented minivan, plus they laughed about it! These guys are troopers!

Strengthen What Remains rolled in town in a rented minivan just in time for their set.  These guys are hitting the road for a several weeks’ long tour and their van immediately broke down in Tampa.  Still they showed up, no whining just killing it as they shared their tunes from the album TURNING A BLIND EYE which you can check out gratis (that’s another synonym for free) at

Sorry, MACHINIST! The Old Lady's camera ran out of battery power after this single sorry shot.  Y'all deserve better!
Sorry, MACHINIST! The Old Lady’s camera ran out of battery power after this single sorry shot. Y’all deserve better!

Then finally, the band the Old Lady has been waiting for!  Machinist doesn’t play locally much, they’re pretty much a touring band since only lead singer Jeff Hill lives in Valdosta.  And the homeboys hit home hard with their short fast to-the-point songs, even though by now Elder House was about a zillion degrees hot and the storm kept blowing the power out and Jeff had been working the door all night as well as spending weeks pulling this show together.  Get their albums digitally at  and order the BIRTHRIGHT 7″ at   or listen to the METHTEETH album for nuthin’ (that means free, too; shouldn’t you have paid more attention to your English professor?) on Facebook at

Jeff is a guy who DID pay attention to his English professor.

And, he’s probably the hardest working musician in town.  He plays, he promotes, he puts together shows… and he does it for the same reason they all do it, because he loves the music.

Machinist is fixing to go on tour.  If you didn’t turn up for this show, you missed out big time and you just ought to mail them a check to help make sure they eat while on the road.  Or hand the cash to Jeff; you can find him most nights working the door at Ashley Street Station.

All four of the bands on this show played for pretty much no more than gas money.  They do this because they love to play, they’d probably do it even if they had to pay to play!





An AWESOME Evening at Elder House

South Georgia pines
South Georgia pines

A pleasant Monday evening in Valdosta, Georgia.  Five great bands.  A buncha fans crammed into a makeshift venue.  One fucking awesome evening of live music.

It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Elder House, about which the Old Lady has blogged before (see ), hosted a show tonight with (in order of appearance): Dead Southern Bishop, Hoffa HQ, Moirae, Hall of the Elders, and Encased in Ice.


Dead Southern Bishop
Dead Southern Bishop


Dead Southern Bishop: sorta local (“They’re from Alma,” he said, “but I’m from around here”), kicked off the evening with a crash and a bang.   Awesome.

Hoffa HQ
Hoffa HQ

Hoffa HQ:  a shirtless sweaty bass player.    Melodic metal from a lead guitar guy wearing earplugs.   ‘Nuff said.  Awesome.


Moirae: head banging metal, with some swingy odd bits reminiscent of Robert Fripp on Elephant Talk (from the Discipline album with King Crimson).   A drummer who looks like Frank Zappa’s bastard son (“All right!” he responded, “He was a down motherfucker!”).  Awesome!

Hall of the Elders
Hall of the Elders


Hall of the Elders:  the Old Lady’s new favorite band.  AWESOME!  The singer with the dreads is a formidable slam dancer.  And to the guy that apologized for knocking the Old Lady to the floor:  fuggedaboudit!  The Old Lady understands that standing on the edge of the mosh pit is high risk behavior.

Encased in Ice
Encased in Ice


Encased in Ice:  just a buncha kids, but boy can they play.  Awesome!

Look for all these bands on Facebook.  Watch for all these bands at a venue near you.

So many bands... so little time...
So many bands… so little time…

SUPPORT LIVE LOCAL MUSIC!  Listen to the Old Lady!






MUSIC, man!

The Elder House mascot
The Elder House mascot

If you think Valdosta is some backwater, backwoods, backwards south Georgia cultural sinkhole, you need to listen to the Old Lady:

To wit: one Friday night, four great musical experiences.

Let us begin at the beginning, at The Elder House which is a garage apartment near VSU.  The downstairs has been converted into a small music hall or, more accurately, a rec room with a stage.    We will not discuss the décor, or lack thereof.  We are here for the music.

REALIZATION is in the house... The Elder House, that is!
REALIZATION is in the house… The Elder House, that is!

First up, REALIZATION from just up the road: Albany, Georgia.  As the lead singer informs us, they are a “crossover hard-core band” and the emphasis is on “hard.”  The Old Lady hasn’t seen a singer work that hard – for free! – in quite some time.  When the music starts, this is a crazy man!  With bearded face and bulging eyes, he breaks a sweat two minutes in and from there on it was Katy bar the door!  Four guys onstage, twelve people in the audience… REALIZATION fills up the corners with blasting speakers and screaming lyrics.

Sarah Beth
Sarah Beth

Next up, a solo act.  Billed by the promoter (translation: the guy who lives upstairs) as The Sarah Beth Experience, she says she’s “just a chick who does covers on the ukulele.”  Correction: this chick ROCKS the ukulele!  The Old Lady loves her cover of Amy Winehouse’s Valerie, followed by Katy Perry’s The One That Got Away.  Sarah Beth informs us that: “If Katy Perry didn’t exist, I wouldn’t be living in Georgia… it’s this weird internet thing, I don’t want to go into it.”  Well, the Old Lady knows a tease when she hears one, so afterwards she demands to hear “the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey says.  The Old Lady is not a spoiler; if you want to know, ask Sarah Beth.  She’s the one with the ukulele.


Last  onstage (the show had to end by 11, the chick with the red hair told one band member; “last time we ran past 11 and got shut down.”  Damn neighbors; don’t they know art when they hear it?) is NORTHBOUND, a band which is actually southbound after a nine-day tour (“Donations please!” pleaded one guitar player/singer, “we’re going to Disney World tomorrow!  Help us get back home to Miami!”).  Then the band proceeds to blow the Old Lady away, and for nothing more than gas money.  These guys don’t play for the money, they play because that’s what they do, they love it and they are damn good at it.  NORTHBOUND  has a new release… duh, that’s why they’re touring… and you can hear it at but it won’t sound quite as good as LIVE and in your face at The Elder House!  If you missed this show, you are a dweeb!   LISTEN to the Old Lady!

Three bands.  Three hours of great music.  And all it costs the Old Lady is some gas money for the boys in the band.  Oh yeah, and a coupla beers but they were a gift and she has them stashed in a cooler in the Golden Dragon outside.

042414 6

So it’s only 11 and the Old Lady’s favorite dive bar, Ashley Street Station, is on the way home so she stops in to see whassup.

The West Virginia Slims have left the stage... please remain calm.
The West Virginia Slims have left the stage… please remain calm.

Whassup is the West Virginia Slims, a rockabilly band with swagger that the Old Lady has reviewed before (see ).  This night they include a Spanish-flavored song, an original titled Lonely Trumpet , with sadly sweet riffs that seriously brings the Old Lady to tears, good tears, the ones that come when she hears something that’s so damn lovely she can’t hardly stand it.  One of’em tells the Old Lady “I hope you give us a glowing review!”  Are you freakin’ kidding???  She already said they’re great; what more can she say?  Just this:  go see’em!

042414 5


Listen to the Old Lady!