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Past Life Digression

Some people of the Old Lady’s acquaintance are into investigating their “past lives.” They make focused attempts to re-enter the lives they have lived before this one.
The Old Lady considers this pursuit to be something of an unnecessary distraction for herself since she has all she can handle with THIS life, thank you.
But then, one night, the Old Lady dreamed:
She was in a bank in Paris in the late 1800s, a room lit by gas light. She was wearing a long gray dress and was talking to an elegant young man who was an officer of the bank… and her lover. He turned to talk to a customer, and the Old Lady walked over to an ornate desk where a severe woman with pinned-up hair wearing a starched white blouse was sitting. The Old Lady sat down and said to the clerk: “Madame, I need your help. I want to make a deposit into your bank, a very private deposit.”
The clerk cut her eyes over to the elegant young man… she obviously understood the situation… and asked, “His?”
“No, Madame,” the Old Lady replied firmly. “Mine. I have finally managed to lay a little by, and as you know, Madame, a woman must take care of herself.”
The clerk nodded knowingly, and reached for a pen.
Then the Old Lady woke up.
One of the acquaintances mentioned earlier always describes her past life experiences in terms of Egyptian temples and sacred rites and goddesses.
Apparently, the Old Lady has been exhibiting scandalous behavior throughout the millennia.
She is pretty pleased about it.