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Green Eggs and SPAM

The Old Lady has learned one of the sad realities of blogging: blogs get SPAMMED. A lot.
I don’t know how blog spamming works; these would-be posts seem to have nothing at all to do with the subject of the blog. Most appear to be from out of the country, attempting to funnel readers to websites that sell various medications. There is, however, some unintended humor to be found in their wording (or mis-wording).
The Old Lady is not allowing these messages to post, but she couldn’t resist sharing some of the more choice lines she has seen:
“Whenever you accomplish the particular barrier regarding second there?s 55 several years you’d probably greater begin keeping track of the particular cholesterol an individual use up!”
“An ideal exit for guys who definitely are not happy while using the dimensions in their penises.”
“Exactly what antibiotics? All the info you’ll need to never kill by yourself simply by medications!”
And who could resist the high-powered salesmanship utilized in this line:
“This particular thirty day period we market most effective in addition to well-known antibiotics having insane special discounts! Speed approximately purchase it!”