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Kindness and Manatees

Thirty years ago The Old Lady saw her first wild manatee.

Twenty years ago she swam with manatees in the Crystal River (see )

Recently she went to Manatee Springs State Park near Chiefland, FL, to see them again.

And she did!  There were three together in the water, one a juvenile who was still nursing.

They were pale gray shadows in the water until they came up to breathe, but The Old Lady was thrilled just to see them from a distance.

THEN… a young woman offered to let The Old Lady take her kayak out for a closer look.

Talk about thrilled!  The kayak even had a Plexiglas window in the bottom for a clear and magnified view as the kayak floated directly over the fine, fat creatures.  It reminded The Old Lady of the glass-bottomed boats at Silver Springs.

It was nearly impossible to tell the young woman how much that short paddle meant to The Old Lady.

Kindness is sharing your kayak with a stranger for an exquisite experience.

Accentuate the Positive

graphic courtesy Google Images

The Old Lady has remained silent about the recent Presidential campaign because she does not consider the new fashion of calling one’s opponents “idiots” to constitute fruitful political discourse.

But the election is over.  The legal fact is that there is a new President of the United States, whether or not anybody likes him.

As we all move forward The Old Lady would like to encourage you to focus not on what you are against, but to focus on what you are for.

Negative energy is wasted energy; it not only creates nothing but it also slows down the creative potential of positive energy.

Choose something you WANT TO SEE, and put your focus on making it happen.

Accentuate the positive!

Own It – part two

(for part one, see )

So The Old Lady showed up in court to settle her ticket, since to pay it online was going to cost $300.

The judge that day looked very much like The Old Lady except for the black robe, and she reduced the fine to $92.

A young man joined The Old Lady at the cashier’s window and asked, “How’d you get off paying $92? I’m charged with the same thing and I have to pay $700!”

$700 versus $92.

The young man is black; The Old Lady is white.

White privilege?  YOU do the math.

The Most Important Book…

… that The Old Lady has read recently is Steven Pinker’s The Better Angels of our Nature / Why Violence Has Declined.

This book not only reaffirms The Old Lady’s unshakeable commitment to the Pollyanna-Plus Philosophy of Positive Thought (motto: Expect a Miracle!) but Pinker has done his homework and has the facts and figures to prove his hypothesis: i.e., that violence has steadily declined throughout human history and is, right now, at its lowest global level ever.

“What about the mass shooting in ___???”, you may cry, “what about yesterday’s bombing in ___?  The world is a dark and dangerous place!!!”

The Old Lady begs to differ.

You only know about the mass shootings and the bombings because you see them on TV.  Nearly everybody carries a little video camera now in their phone and therefore you can see these frightening events, sometimes even as they are happening.

The Old Lady would like to remind you of all the places all over the world where good is being done and kind people are helping each other, but you won’t see THOSE things on TV… and therefore, the TV is giving you a skewed view of the world.  It’s a lie.  Don’t buy it.

READ THIS BOOK!  Listen to The Old Lady!