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LOVE Secrets


Shh!  The Old Lady knows a secret!

One of The Old Lady’s covert undercover sources has revealed to her a super-secret link to a private never-before-released rehearsal video by Valdosta band Jinkies, Daphne!!

The Old Lady will not reveal the URL… hey, this ain’t WikiLeaks!… because she has a deep respect for the rights of artists to control their own intellectual property.

But she will say this much: if you miss Jinkies, Daphne!! performing at Red Door Records on Saturday October 29, she will have no sympathy for your pitiful self.  Find the details at

Here’s a clue: the band’s rendition of Psycho Killer will slay you.

Be there or be pitiful.  You have been warned.

LOVE Pipe Organs

dscf2736As many times as The Old Lady has attended VSU concerts in Whitehead Auditorium, she never suspected that the place harbored a secret… a Moeller pipe organ that, when it was installed in the late 1960s, was considered one of the finest in the South.dscf2741dscf2742With banks of pipes on both sides of the auditorium the “Mighty Mo” produces a stereophonic effect.

The organ is seldom used, but recently Director of Music for Corpus Christi Cathedral Lee Gwozdz coaxed the instrument with his dazzling skill into showing off its stellar sound before a delighted audience.

Gwozdz is the brother of Donna Farwell, who is married to VSU Head of Music Doug Farwell.

Photo courtesy Google Images
Photo courtesy Google Images

Dressed like a Tennessee gambler, Gwozdz matches musical ability with showmanship to put on a remarkably entertaining performance.x-gwozdzThis spectacular recital was just one of the many FREE performances available to the public at Valdosta State University.

Find the schedule at and don’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy high quality FREE music!

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