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Love Letter

HalteredDear Broker,

When we met it was love at first sight.  You were a 28-year-old gelding, a Champion Tennessee Walker show horse until you were 15.  I, the rookie stablehand, knew nothing about horses.  I became your person and you taught me a lot.

You taught me patience.  You taught me that grooming a horse has a lot in common with making love.  When you let me sit on your back and took me on long walks through the woods, you taught me trust.

There’s something special about an older horse.  I’m taking care of an elderly mare named Blondie right now.  She says she knows you, and she bowed with respect when I said your name.Blondie 1Blondie is in her thirties, but she still runs for her food!Running

I know that when it is time for me to die you will be waiting to greet me, Broker, and together we will ride into whatever adventures the other side offers.

See you then.  I love you.


The Old LadyBroker in wind

Pretty in Punk


Somebody told The Old Lady that punk is dead.

Somebody was wrong.

Gainesville, FL band EW recently proved that to a pitifully small crowd.  Okay, so it was Sunday night.  Okay, so the show was minimally publicized.  When has any of that mattered to punks?  The Old Lady suspects that GVL might be becoming Straightsville… but EW blew up the stage anyway and the tiny group of fans was excited and energetic.  Pure punk!DSCF0679DSCF0680Check out EW’s album Daddy and Her Son at …Album coverDaddy and Her Son

…or check them out on Fb at

On tour from Australia, Divide and Dissolve droned their way through an interesting experimental set.DSCF0689

Divide and Dissolve is another duo: a guitar who doubles on soprano saxophone, and a drummer who doubles on guitar and electronic manipulation of a mysterious black machine.  Okay.DSCF0692DSCF0694DSCF0695Their mastery of their various instruments brought drone, which can sometimes be a boring form of music, to a new height of listenability.

Listen to Divide and Dissolve‘s album TFW at

Shoog - "A southern, queer, non-binary, fat photographer avail. for hire in the north Florida area. I also travel!" See Shoog's word at
Shoog – “A southern, queer, non-binary, fat photographer avail. for hire in the north Florida area. I also travel!” See Shoog‘s work at

The soon-to-be-famous GVL photographer Shoog was at this show!   Okay, so where were you, PUNK?DSCF0700NOTE: This blog was first posted with a MAJOR ERROR (like, the name of the second band?) which was CORRECTED with the input of many Facebook friends.  Thank y’all!

AND… The Old Lady would like to APOLOGIZE to Ionopsis, a local GVL band that played last, after T.O.L. had left.  “My bad!”, said T.O.L., smacking herself upside the head.


DSCF0507… The Old Lady just happens to be in the right place at the right time.

For instance, she was driving through Valdosta one day, minding her own business, when YOW! She was passed by a motorcycle towing a tiny covered wagon with skeletons in the drivers’ seat.DSCF0508The Old Lady turned around, of course, and gave chase.  She caught up with the odd vehicle in a parking lot and asked the biker if she could take photos.

“If I only had a dollar for every picture that’s been taken of that…” he said, shaking his head ruefully.DSCF0509DSCF0510The Old Lady did not give him a dollar, but she did take pictures.DSCF0511