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Divine Feed, by Coody

Coody Divine Feed

The Old Lady loves surprises, so just imagine her delight at finding some brand new music in her inbox.

Divine Feed is the first solo album released by south Georgia musician Coody.  Coody is backed up by another south Georgia musician the Old Lady has her eye on, Jimi Davies.

A mellow six-note bass line opens the first cut, Valle d’Aosta, a funky tribute to the only real city in extreme south Georgia.  The harmonies of the male vocals are reminiscent of the sixties California surf sound.  The bass and beat give this tune its hook.  Remember, nobody gave Huntington Beach much thought until it started to sound so cool on the radio.

Three Wheelin’, arguably the best cut in this collection, captures the reckless joy of a country childhood in an era when 8-year-olds are turned loose on motorized mayhem machines. Coody is just fine with where he was raised and this song shows it.

Several cuts surprised the Old Lady. Dish Pit dips into the old-school country style but Provisions breaks suddenly into heavy punk. One of These Days features the sad wail of a cowboy-campfire harmonica and Bolsa de Volar is just a pleasant little ditty en Español.

All in all Divine Feed is well worth the $7 asking price. Go to

and buy one.  Coody is right here in south Georgia trying to make it happen, but it doesn’t happen without your support.Support Local Music