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South Georgia Pride 2015

DSCF9350The Old Lady is amazed that South Georgia Pride has become an established and well-supported event in conservative, fundamentalist south Georgia.DSCF9344She is amazed that a 16-year-old lesbian named Mars has, with the help of a courageous teacher named Mr. Hodges, successfully started a Gay-Straight Alliance at Berrien County High School.RaynaeShe is amazed at the success of a powerhouse named Raynae who not only works as a full-time mother but also pulled together a kickass kickoff party and fabulous festival and, oh by the way, has been chosen as one of the Grand Marshals of this year’s Atlanta Pride Parade.DSCF9356

She is amazed that people wear rainbow-colored puppy tails.

The times, they are a-changing.DSCF9351DSCF9352DSCF9355DSCF9338

There was something for everybody at this Pride festival. From health assistance to legal services, from HIV to MCC, there was plenty of helpful information available. There were representatives from organizations as diverse as the Pagans, the Episcopalians, the Democrats… funny, the Republicans weren’t there.  Musta missed’em.

But here’s what was there: love, and fun. And isn’t love and fun what life is really all about?DSCF9345DSCF9346DSCF9347DSCF9348

Coffeehouse Rock


It’s been more than a year since the Old Lady heard Kyle Keller’s music, and she is pleased to report that he and his music have grown and matured.

Kyle plays Americana/folk style with boyish charm and a man’s intensity.DSCF9334

His originals are heartfelt hymns to humanity and its foibles, perfect for the laid-back atmosphere of Grassroots Coffeehouse in downtown Valdosta, GA. In his song An Honest Dollar Kyle sings “I’d rather have an empty wallet than an empty heart” and his sincerity makes the line more than just empty words.

Watch Kyle Keller’s Facebook page for future appearances.


The Romans played their very first gig on this night, and their music paired well with Kyle’s style.

Performing both originals from their new EP Genesis and covers (they do good Dylan) this duo from Tifton made an admirable first showing. Landon Rowe on guitar and Seth Mann on violin work well together to produce a mellow, poignant musical setting for Landon’s smooth voice.

You can hear The Romans’ EP on Spotify (type in The Romans Genesis) and it’s available on iTunes.  If you like it you should buy one.  It’s the best possible way to support struggling musicians, way better than just hitting the “Like” button.


Wawa: It’s All That

wawa logo

The Old Lady has seen the future and it is Wawa.

Wawa is the ultimate convenience store. You will find everything you need at Wawa to keep on truckin’ down the road.

You will find every kind of chip, cookie, energy bar, and meat snack known to mankind.

Single-serving drinks? Beer, water, soda, juice, coffee… what’s your poison?

Hot food at Wawa is much more than a rack of revolving Jumbo Meaty Franks and a microwave. There are real people in a real kitchen setup, and you don’t even have to talk to them. Use one of the many touchscreens to browse the menu of full meals, hot soups, and sandwiches, then punch in your order and wait for your number to be called.

The restroom at Wawa is a marvel of technology. Everything is controlled by motion sensors. You don’t have to touch anything but the TP, and they’re probably working on that right now.

If you see a Wawa you should stop in just for the entertainment value of browsing this museum of modern nutrition-on-the-go.

(The Old Lady took no photographs of her own, of course, that’s illegal. You know how those terrorists like to scope out our convenience stores!)keep calm wawa

Big Tiki & the Mai Tais

DSCF9156The Old Lady has an old friend, Toni Shifalo, better known as La Banana the clown.

Toni also plays one heckuva washtub bass and she is now in a new band, Big Tiki and the Mai Tais.

Big Tiki, etc., performed their first paying gig at the Sanford, Florida Welcome Center to a small but receptive audience.

Three ukuleles (one played left-handed), one banjo-lele, a washtub bass, a foot-kick tambourine, and an occasional harmonica produced fun versions of old hits like Sea Cruise, a wonderful mashup of Over the Rainbow with What a Wonderful World, and (the Old Lady’s favorite) Let’s Talk Dirty in Hawaiian.DSCF9165A few nights later Big Tiki and a couple of the Mai Tais teamed up with guest guitar Michael Ellis from Atlanta to regale the crowd at Wop’s Hops microbrewery in Sanford.DSCF9174Friends and fans were transfixed by Michael’s enthusiastic and skillful fingerpickin’.DSCF9166Toni’s washtub bass provides a mellow bottom as well as a bit of zaniness.DSCF9178Catch Big Tiki and the Mai Tais while you can… and enjoy some of Wop’s Hops’ fine brews. The Old Lady recommends the Irish Red.DSCF9181