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DSCF8888“These, ah, metalkidz, ah swear, they are ah-mazing!” swore the Old Lady.

Like Cutting Teeth.DSCF8883DSCF8889DSCF8887Fb Like ThumbGenre: Emo pop/punk

Band Members

Drew Morgan- Guitars
Justin Womble- Guitars/Vocals
Robb Ouzts- Bass
Hunter Rondello- Drums
Robert Lee- Vocals

Hometown Thomasville, GA

Record Label Unsigned

Short Description

Thomasville Pop/Punk Emo Sad Boyz established January 2014. We write songs about video games and high school.

Personal Interests

Music, family, friends, cars, vaping, skating, and zelda.

Artists We Also Like

A lot.

You don’t have to tell me how destructive I’ve been / I confess everything to the sheets on my bed – Arbitrary


DSCF8898DSCF8902DSCF8906DSCF8907Hot Barrel 45 was missing their bass player but they didn’t miss him too much, as their former-bass-player-turned-singer filled in.

  • Genre
  • Band Members
    Vocals: Hunter Gregg
    Drums: Luke Morgan
    Lead / rhythm Guitar: Johnathon Miller
    Lead / rhythm Guitar: Bryant Morgan
    Bass: Josh Seymour
  • Hometown
    Valdosta, GA
  • Record Label
    Face Eater Records
  • Short Description
    We are Hot Barrel 45 out of valdosta GA . If you love bone shattering riffs and face melting solos, then support real metal music and join us!!!
  • Gender
  • Phone
  • Booking Agent
    Luke Morgan 850-826-3469



DSCF8919Now let’s take a short break for this commercial message: Cinema Downtown is coming soon to your favorite south Georgia backwater burg! Jessica Donaldson Ganas, of Red Door Records, is working hard to bring something brand new to Valdosta: movie and a beer (or wine)! Watch this space! Now we return to our regularly scheduled programming.




Accident Prone!

Genre: Punk/Metal/Hardcore

Band Members

James Detterman
David Paine
Mark Gilchrist
James Brown
Chris Worrell


Norfolk/Virginia Beach

Record Label

Radio Pressed Records (DIY)

Short Description

Go download our debut full length record,
“Give Us the Bad News First”


Started as a garage band-side project amongst friends in late 2011, Accident Prone released the debut EP, “Idle Screams” in May of 2012. After a couple demo’s and several member changes, we released our debut full length record “Give Us the Bad News First” on our own DIY record label RadioPressed Records in May of 2014. We continue to deliver our own unique style of hardcore inspired by the instrumental ferocity and strangeness of bands such as Converge and Some Girls, with the angst-driven yet darkly comical lyrical spirit of Black Flag.

Accident Prone has already extensively toured the east-coast and midwest, with plans to further pave our way across the country.

Current Location

Norfolk, VA


Some Girls, Every Time I Die, Converge, Spitfire, Black Flag





Smiler// is just off the tour trail.

  • Genre


  • Band Members

Nannen Gatchell-vocals
Kelby Clark-bass
Blake Meeks-guitar
Jordan Ganas-drums

  • Hometown

Valdosta, GA

  • Short Description

Doom-gaze from Valdosta, GA.

  • Bio

Glory to Rod in the highest.

  • Website


Wake Up Fest 2015, the final chapter


First, a big SHOUT OUT for Quitman chiropractor Dr. Cindy Dooly, who is an amazing healer and who got the Old Lady back up on her feet. Dr. Dooly has lived in Quitman all of her life and has helped numerous people. To find out how she can help YOU, call (229) 605-9909 and tell her “The Old Lady sent me!”

With the help of a walking stick borrowed from a Boy Scout, the Old Lady staggered back out to the party in time to see Dabbit Nabbit perform solo.

The Old Lady likes this young man’s style, his playing, his song choices, his voice… dadgummit, she just likes Dabbit Nabbit…DSCF8874

… and she likes the band he’s in, Dirty Bird and the Flu. Dirty Bird, Mr. Blake, Dabbit Nabbit, Mark G, and Spade all play well together and nobody runs with scissors. It’s lusty, hollerin’, foot-stompin’, front porch-style blues and they will get you up out of your seat as long as you have two good knees.DSCF8882DSCF8881DSCF8876

Dirty Bird & the Flu
Dirty Bird & the Flu

When the skies threatened, the party moved to ASS in town where the Old Lady assumes that a good time was had by all.

BIG THANK YOU TO THE VALDOSTA WAKE COMPOUND for a wonderful weekend! See you next year!VWC logo

Wake Up Fest 2015, chapter three

DSCF8805After dark, Wake Up Fest 2015 turned magical and ever-so-slightly bizarre.

Rats Mouth
Rats Mouth

Florida band Rats Mouth turned the stage into a garage with their old-school-punk-turned-jazzy shred set. They hit the Old Lady’s demographic spot on!DSCF8817DSCF8818DSCF8821But when the Grateful Dead’s dancing bears showed up in the crowd – whoa, man, weird.

Sitting in with Killmama
Sitting in with Killmama
SiN Nis
SiN Nis
Colter MF Raines
Colter MF Raines

Killmama, The Gun Hoes, SiN Nis, Colter MF Raines … more music than the Old Lady could shake a stick at.DSCF8842DSCF8843DSCF8836 DSCF8838SiN crowdsurfed and survived.DSCF8811A group of musicians improvised vocals around a pickup truck while playing harmonica, beer can, tailgate, and Tibetan singing bowl.

Tarp Tarrant, legendary rock & roll drummer
Tarp Tarrant, legendary rock & roll drummer

YOU shoulda been there.

Y’know, you can tell yourself, “Oh, I’ll go out there tomorrow.” But kiddies, tomorrow is promised to no one; anything can happen. This very night the Old Lady took a hard hit from somebody bouncing off some mosher… and now her knee is majorly messed up, she can’t walk, and she won’t be out there Saturday durn burn it. But she is mighty glad that she came out on Friday and stuck around for when things REALLY got surreal!DSCF8808DSCF8835DSCF8809DSCF8807

Artist Lukas Rushlow creates an original painting while Colter MF Raines perform.
Artist Lukas Rushlow creates an original painting while Colter MF Raines perform.


So, go out there and GET YOUR WAKE ON! LISTEN to the Old Lady!DSCF8830DSCF8831

Wake Up Fest 2015, chapter two

SiN - Every promoter needs an entourage.
SiN – Every promoter needs an entourage.

Wake Up Fest 2015 is now in full swing and if you are STILL not there you are seriously missing out. Seriously.


Wade kicked things off with an acoustic set that was laid back and beachy.

The DJ
The DJ

Cloroks did his “pale homie” rap set and cracked the Old Lady up. This guy has a sense of humor, and a great DJ!

Custard Pie
Custard Pie

Custard Pie rocked the stage with some originals that knocked the Old Lady’s socks off.

Meanwhile the sun shone, the dogs barked, people wakeboarded and skateboarded and just generally enjoyed a fine late summer afternoon.

One up, one down
One up, one down
On the ramp
On the ramp
Zach the headbanging hippie
Zach the headbanging hippie


The music continues until midnight tonight, and starts up again tomorrow (Saturday) at 3 p.m.

Come on out and GET YOUR WAKE ON!DSCF8779


Wake Up Fest 2015, chapter one

What's missing from this picture?  YOU!!!
What’s missing from this picture? YOU!!!

If you are not at Wake Up Fest 2015 NOW, you need to get in gear and get on out to the Valdosta Wake Compound.

Exit 13, I-75
Exit 13, I-75


The first band starts playing just minutes from NOW but don’t worry, there will be plenty of music both Friday and Saturday.

Not into music? Tragic.

But there is also wakeboarding…

THIS GUY!  This guy got on the water before YOU!
THIS GUY! This guy got on the water before YOU!

… a nifty skate park…DSCF8751DSCF8752

… free camping, food vendors, art, hot chickz, cool guyz… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???

Come on out and GET YOUR WAKE ON!DSCF8765

Sam Jamwich All the Way, Please

Sam Jamwich logo

If you like your Southern rock with a jazzy flavor, then the Old Lady recommends that you try Sam Jamwich.

This four-man combo spiced up the deck at Valdosta seafood favorite, the Salty Snapper, with some mighty tasty tunes. They’ve cooked up both originals and covers to feed your musical cravings and you’ll leave the table humming with satisfaction.Sam Jamwich 081215

The lead guitar serves up skillful chops with his axe. You’ll want to savor his complex lines. He does some very interesting things with his mouth at the mic that result in various guitar sounds that had the Old Lady marveling at technology new to her. He sings with relish.

The bass player has long, pretty fingers that make his playing as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the ears.

The rhythm guitar player sings with a clear, direct voice that makes it easy for even the Old Lady to understand all the lyrics. Like a fine wine it complements without dominating.

A minimal drum kit provides more than minimum daily nutrition for Sam Jamwich. This drummer both simmers and sizzles.

Next time Sam Jamwich is on the menu, order up their rhythm & groove. You’ll be glad you did.

Oh, and don’t forget to take care of your servers. As Sam Jamwich says: “Please tip them, just don’t tip them over.”Support Local Music



Multitasking is one of the biggest scams going in the Age of Technology.

It is the antithesis of the wisdom of Be Here Now.

You cannot Be Here Now if you are doing more than one thing at a time.

Your focus is diffused, and when your focus blurs from a sharp beam to a softened glow details appear less clear.

In the details lie the dangers.

That is when the Old Lady is most likely to fall.

Now admittedly the Old Lady is, well, OLD, but the same principles apply to any age.

If reading a letter while walking out of the Post Office causes the Old Lady to fall off the curb, then be aware that if you are doing more than one thing at any one moment you are not doing any of those things to the best of your ability.

The Future of Florida… and the World

Edward James III, Candidate for the Florida House of Representatives District 72
Edward James III, Candidate for the Florida House of Representatives District 72

The Old Lady spent a twenty-year chapter of her life in Sarasota, Florida, where she met a child called Little E. E impressed the Old Lady even then with his intelligence, his desire to serve, and his dedication to high principles. The Old Lady kept an eye on him, to see who he would become.

Now he has become Edward James III, Candidate for the Florida House of Representatives District 72, and if the Old Lady could she would vote for him. She has observed from afar as he has spent his time studying, serving his community, and preparing to take his place as a gamechanger on the larger world stage. He deserves a shot at this first political step.

You can find out more about this up-and-coming political powerhouse on his Facebook page, and on his website at where you can send him a donation to help him win this seat in November 2016.

Even if you don’t live in his district, or in Florida, you need to know about Edward James III. His name will be widely known someday, and then you could impress your friends by telling them how you foresaw his future greatness and sent money to his very first campaign.E raised hand

Snake Nation Radio

WSNK benefit poster

The Old Lady hated to miss the benefit for WSNK-LP at Ashley Street Station, because several of her musician friends performed and she is certain that they put on a terrific show.

But she didn’t have to be there to support the efforts of Valdosta’s Snake Nation Press to start up a low-power, independent, community radio station at 103.5 FM.WSNK logo

You, too, dear reader, can be part of this effort to bring noncorporate radio to the downtown Valdosta community. Are you tired of radio commercials? Tired of hearing the same popular songs over and over, ad infinitum? Tired of media which neither represents nor offers a voice to the diverse citizens of this community?

The volunteers who are working on the startup of WSNK-LP must raise $15,000 to buy the needed equipment in time for the planned first broadcast in June 2016.

Find out how you can donate, or volunteer to help, on the webpage at or on Facebook at WSNK Valdosta Community Radio.WSNK logo 2