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Dirty Bird & the Flu

DSCF8157The Old Lady savored her some home-cooked Southern jazzy blues… smokin’!… as Dirty Bird & the Flu rocked the Salty Snapper in Valdosta, GA.

Kyle Dirty Bird’s husky voice is flat made for the blues. Dabbit Nabbit on bass and the Blake-o-Saurus drummin’ and hummin’ keep the bottom up, and organ donor Kevin Saxy Man plays like his mama raised him right, in a Southern church. With a synthesizer stacked over the organ, Kevin’s got an entire horn section at his fingertips.DSCF8153DSCF8154

These boys play both originals and covers. If you feel like getting’ down ‘n’ dirty one of these hot summer nights, catch Dirty Bird & the Flu.

p.s. – the food at the Salty Snapper is great!Dirty Bird and the Flu

The Breadman Slingeth


A guy with a guitar singing his own songs, and he’s from Brooks County too.

It just doesn’t get any more real than that.

Jonathan Coody, son of a hog farmer, breadslinger by day and writer by the grace of God, graced the stage at Ashley Street Station all too briefly for the Old Lady’s taste. She was left hungry for more.

Some highlights:

“36 Steps”, a song about a guy who went through a 12-step program three times.

Into to a love song: “Are y’all too punk for love? I don’t think so.” Lines made better when delivered in Coody’s flat, slow drawl.

And the capper, a song about slinging bread titled “Independent Operator”. Coody is a veteran breadslinger, delivering for the local Martin’s Potato Bread factory to Valdosta grocery stores.

He only played four or five pieces, just a taste really, mere crumbs from his musical menu (the Old Lady knows there’s more because he listed a smorgasbord of songs on Facebook, and she REALLY hoped to hear “The Undisputed Prince of Quitman” but he didn’t play it, durn him). Great stuff, all of it. The guy’s a poet. And local? You bet he’s local! As he said in closing out the short set: “I’m Coody, from your own back yard.”Support Local Music

Book and a Backup

Welty StoriesThe Old Lady was house sitting. In the living room on the bookshelf lurked an antique copy of the Collected Stories of Eudora Welty.

The Old Lady was captivated.

These Southern Gothic stores of madness, despair, and survival sucked her in.

Halfway through, the homeowner called. The family returns early, he said; we’ll be home in a few hours.

The Old Lady panicked.

That’s not enough time to finish this book. She doesn’t feel comfortable asking to borrow the crumbling tome. She heads for the library.

BINGO! The Old Lady scored not only a library copy of the Collected Stories, she also discovered the Complete Novels of Eudora Welty.Welty Novels                Now contentment settles in. The Old Lady never feels more secure than when she has not only a good book to read, but another good book standing by. A book and a backup, it just doesn’t get any better than that.



Local band Hot Barrel 45 blew the Old Lady away at Ashley Street Station’s Metal Monday in Valdosta, GA. Figuratively speaking, of course.DSCF8120DSCF8129DSCF8130

HB45 sounds tighter than ever, working out their complex melodies and rhythms with precision. Their act is tighter, too, with synchronized headbanging and jumps across the stage that seem improvised except for the fact that there are no collisions, they know where the other guyz are at all times. And the pit was wide open.  Watch these guyz.  They’re not going to stay local long.



The touring band for this Metal Monday was Insvrgence from Austin, TX. Hardcore and hard-working, they opened with an energetic set that belied the fact that they are at the end of their “No Longer Searching Tour” AND are about to begin their “All By Myself Summer Tour” along the East coast through June 28. DSCF8106Roadweary metal warriors? Not in this group! They do what they do because they love doing it. And they do it well. Catch’em if you can.DSCF8112

O’Toole’s Herb Farm


O’Toole’s Herb Farm in Madison, Florida, is one of the Old Lady’s favorite places.DSCF0084DSCF0091DSCF0094

The greenhouse is the star of the show. Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme? Get them here, along with other plants and flowers too numerous to list.  Bea loves her plants, and they show that love.

But there’s more to OHF than plants.DSCF0052DSCF0056You can walk the labyrinth set in a secluded area surrounded by trees. The center tile with the sandhill crane is a tribute to Bea’s late husband, Jim. DSCF0064DSCF0066DSCF0235DSCF0238DSCF0100You can browse the gallery of “recycled art” created by artist-in-residence Janet Moses.DSCF8028DSCF8036DSCF8037

There are interesting rusted pieces of old farm machinery…DSCF8029DSCF8030DSCF8032

… as well as an overgrown International farm truck.DSCF8033DSCF0096

Or you can just commune with the natural beauty of Creation.

Find directions to O’Toole’s Herb Farm at

The farm is quiet right now through the hot summer months, but every Friday morning at 9:30 a.m. there is a yoga class in the Heartspace building. The cost is $10. Bring your yoga mat.DSCF0060

Big Brother’s Band


The Old Lady’s big brother Tommy was always in a rock band back in the day. During the Seventies, he played drums and toured some of the lousiest dives in the Southeast.

Now he’s drumming again.DSCF7950

The band has no name… yet. They haven’t played any gigs… yet. They’re not quite ready for prime time… yet… but DAMN they’re good!

Rhythm guitar and vocalist ScottJeff Scott 2

has a great practice space, a rec room in the country decorated with flags made by the Old Lady’s sister in law.

... and inside.
… and inside.

Jeff plays lead guitarJeff Scott 1

and Cort handles bass.DSCF7955

They have a playlist of covers that run the gamut from Pink Floyd to the Eagles to Chris Isakson. They are also working up some original material.

They let the Old Lady sit in for rehearsals, and she is in ROCK ‘N’ ROLL HEAVEN… no cover charge, bring your own beer, and she the only audience. It’s a groupie’s dream.

Watch this blog for an announcement of their first gig!


They're kid-friendly, too!
They’re kid-friendly, too!