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Rod Bless You


The Old Lady doesn’t know whether to call Kelby Clark a musician or a mad scientist. Sure he plays many instruments (guitar, keyboard, digeridoo, etc. etc.) but he’s doing a lot with the electronics too… all these buttons and pedals and wires that he manipulates with a musical facility. With one of his bands he used a telephone handset as a microphone, and what a unique and interesting sound that was!

You never know what he’s going to do next… and the Old Lady respects that in a person.

This night he played bass for a band called SMILER. Kelby plays bass like other people play lead guitar; it’s a very physical performance. In other words, he plays the hell out that bass!DSCF7928DSCF7929DSCF7930DSCF7931DSCF7932SMILER covers Rod Stewart songs in death metal doomgaze style. The flat grunge delivery of Nannen Gatchell disguises the familiar lyrics while Kelby’s hard-driving bass and Blake Meeks’ goth-lovely lead lines serve to obscure the tunes.DSCF7901DSCF7909DSCF7910

Jessica Donaldson Ganas told me that she attended three rehearsals before she realized it was Rod Stewart material. And her new husband, drummer Jordan Ganas, builds the complex percussive underpinnings that hold the whole heavy structure together.DSCF7874

On their bandcamp page SMILER has the motto “Glory to Rod in the highest” … and the Old Lady thinks that even Rod Stewart would enjoy their ironic tribute. The Old Lady certainly did.DSCF7896DSCF7875

Check’em out at but don’t miss their next live performance.Support Local Music

Ke7en’s Swan Song


Talk about a swan song performance! We’ll get to that, in a moment.

(That’s what the Old Lady calls a “tease”, a leftover habit from her years in the newzbiz.)

But first, this:DSCF7766DSCF7765DSCF7764DSCF7767DSCF7769

Hot Barrel 45 was indeed hot on this humid Metal Monday evening at Ashley Street Station in Valdosta, GA.                The boyz pounded their way through a heavy set and the pit was wide open… watch those elbows!

HB45 is better now than the first time the Old Lady heard them. She SUSPECTS they may have been practicing. Keep it up, boyz; can’t wait to hear your next gig! If you can’t wait, there are some clips of previous performances at


DSCF7770                Beneath Oblivion came all the way from Cincinnati, Ohio, for this gig. And it was worth it, at least from the Old Lady’s point of view. They call their music “US sludgy funeral doom at high volumes” which just about sums it up. Hear them here:


DSCF7789But the star of the show was Ke7en (The Sorrow King). This was Ke7en’s final Valdosta performance, as he and Jaleesa are moving to DC to start a new chapter in their lives. Ke7en played in front of a giant blowup image of his latest 10-track album, Sorrow Psalmist (find it here: )DSCF7773DSCF7774DSCF7779DSCF7781

Ke7en prefaced his composition, “Meloncholy Paradise”, with an explanation that the music expresses how tough it is to do what he does, to drag equipment around and get up on stage to perform and travel on tour away from friends and family. He played the piece with particular intensity, performing the last few bars on the floor of the stage, and then rushed off in an emotional state.

It was the perfect end to his Valdosta swan song performance.DSCF7782


The Old Lady regrets to inform you that the ancient pipe organ at St. James’ Episcopal Church in Quitman, GA, has finally wheezed its last breath.

However the Old Lady is pleased to announce that an organ transplant has been performed successfully, and St. James’ now has a brand new electronic organ which is an instrument worthy of the talents of longtime organist Emily Wall.New Organ

The Inaugural Organ Concert featured guest performer Gene Hodges who played arrangements of various hymns that represent the progression of the Episcopal Church year.

The final number was performed by Emily Wall, who expressed her excitement over the new instrument both vocally and musically.

The congregation of St. James’ rejoices for our new organ!



This Hurts

The Old Lady has driven the little but long Georgia highway between Preston and Buena Vista many times over the years. She loves the green hills, the woods, the farm fields and pastures.

So imagine her chagrin when she topped a familiar hill and saw THIS:Desolation

Acres and acres of logged-out, burned-over land left to erode.

Now, the Old Lady supports property rights and the rights of property owners to do what they want with their property.

But if anybody wondered if this hurt anyone, the answer is yes. It hurt the Old Lady.

Just Another Metal Monday


Why does Metal Monday at Valdosta’s Ashley Street Station begin with Sarah Beth Warrander on her ukulele?

Sarah Beth with her peeps
Sarah Beth with her peeps

Reason enough that everybody likes her.  This is NOT your Hawaiian cousin’s ukulele.  Sarah Beth covers pop tunes, and she plays the heck outa that ukulele.   All that, and she’s a metal fan too, and she wants YOU to buy merch from the OTHER musicians on the bill.DSCF7594

Hepatitis Sea is Kelby Clark’s latest band along with Brad Gandy on drums and (oops!  I didn’t catch his name but he’s great) on guitar.  This band is breaking new ground with sounds you’ve never heard before, which is pretty much what the Old Lady has come to expect from a Kelby Clark band.DSCF7605DSCF7602DSCF7601DSCF7599DSCF7598DSCF7595



The Vampirates shredded the stage with a high energy set that was just full of surprises.  These guys are in the midst of a 63-day tour and you won’t see them flinch.DSCF7606DSCF7607DSCF7608DSCF7612DSCF7609

The monsters of Machinist! closed out the night, because who can follow their act???  They are Valdosta favorites even though most of the band members live in other cities.  The mosh pit opened up and the Old Lady ran like a rabbit.DSCF7614DSCF7616DSCF7618DSCF7619DSCF7611Machinist! is releasing their new CD “Pronegative” like, today, so watch for it and send them money… keep your eye on for the release!

And while we’re at it… howzabout a shout out to Jeff Hill, who not only growls and screams vocals for Machinist! but also organizes Metal Monday.  You GO,   Jeff!                                                                                                 Thank you.DSCF7624



Fox Mountain ROX!


Spring-Fest 2015 at Fox Mountain Campground and Artist Retreat.   Three days of camping and music in the north Georgia mountains.

The Old Lady is speechless, probably from exhaustion.

But, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so…DSCF7501DSCF7502DSCF7505DSCF7510DSCF7514

Most Popular Camper had to be 24-year-old Kimberly Ann, aka "The Pood"
Most Popular Camper had to be 24-year-old Kimberly Ann, aka “The Pood”

DSCF7556DSCF7513DSCF7521DSCF7529DSCF7524DSCF7535 DSCF7555DSCF7564DSCF7575DSCF7576DSCF7580DSCF7574DSCF7560DSCF7558

Fox Mountain's own effigy, Burning Man-style
Fox Mountain’s own effigy, Burning Man-style


So…36 pictures, 36 thousand words.

“Whaddya expect, at these prices?” snapped the Old Lady, and stumbled off to bed.DSCF7577