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Azalea Winds


Azalea Winds, based in Valdosta, is the first community band in south Georgia.  The band played its second gig at the Horse Creek Winery in Sparks to an enthusiastic crowd.


The performance was a celebration of American music.  Selections ranged from ragtime to jazz to marches, all by American composers including one local tunesmith.DSCF7446

Alan Carter, former band director of Brooks County High School, has penned The Azalea City March and Azalea Winds played its world premiere.

You can hear Mr. Carter on the xylophone near the end of the piece:  (click here) 150427_001


One of the conductors during the performance mentioned that the public school band is a distinctly American phenomenon.  The Old Lady herself played flute in bands all through elementary and high school.  She would like to publicly honor here those who so influenced her life: Sonny Thorpe, flute teacher; Roy M. Lee, founder and director of the West End Elementary Band; and all of the directors of the Southwest High School Band – Robert Heinz, Donald Cooper, Carl Bedwell, and Paul Mitchell.DSCF7449

When Azalea Winds played The Stars and Stripes Forever, the piccolo solo brought tears to the Old Lady’s eyes.  That was HER part when she wore the red and gold with the Southwest High School Marching Wolves.

Support your local bands!  Listen to the Old Lady!DSCF7443

420 Metal Monday

DSCF7411In honor of the occasion of April 20 the Old Lady celebrated appropriately at the 420 Metal Monday event at Ashley Street Station in Valdosta, Georgia.

DSCF7403DSCF7402The Old Lady was not aware that they raise monsters in the town of Alma, Georgia.  But when Dead Southern Bishop stormed the stage, she could see that they are the musical equivalent of the movie “King Kong versus Godzilla” that she saw with her big brother at the Gordon Theater in Atlanta about 1963.DSCF7400Next band up was the Valdosta group Made Ready.  As the man said, “We live here, and we’re gonna play you some songs.”  What an understatement.  Made Ready’s high energy straight ahead Southern rock style always blows the Old Lady away.

DSCF7420DSCF7423DSCF7426The Old Lady apologizes to the other bands for not being able to hang for the entire evening.  But one of the guys in Hot Barrel 45 promised to send her a link to a video of their live performance, and if he does and if she can figure out how she will post it to this page.  We’ll see.


DSCF7388Veggies, music, and fun… must be the Spring Natural Foods Gala at Crones Cradle Conserve near Citra, Florida.

Now, the Old Lady has blogged about Crones Cradle Conserve before… check

DSCF7381The Gala was a party and a half.  Music was by Patchwork, five women who bill themselves as a girl grass band, all acoustic.  For this gig they were joined by Jacob Lawson on violin who fit in perfectly even though he wore trousers for the occasion.  The group has a fun, funky, and traditional sound.  Check them out at

DSCF7390DSCF7389DSCF7391The stars of the day were, of course, the vegetables.  The gardens were looking lovely, and freshly picked veggies filled the bins at the store.  Local chefs were offering various dishes created with Crones Cradle produce.

Debi of Westwind Massage in Ocala, Florida, gave chair massages and her healing hands offered much-needed relief.  Why didn’t the Old Lady take a photo?  Because she was too busy getting her shoulders massaged!  If you are in the Ocala area you can find Debi on Facebook at Westwind Massage & Wellness – A Holistic Healing Center, or on the web at LOCAL!  LISTEN LOCAL!  Keep YOUR money in YOUR community!  LISTEN TO THE OLD LADY!DSCF7384AND… don’t forget to eat your veggies.


The Art of Trash

DSCF7263There is a solid waste collection facility (God forbid we should call it a “dump”) south of Madison, Florida, where an artist in found materials works.

DSCF7265DSCF7262DSCF7266DSCF7267The fence behind the dumpsters is an art installation.

DSCF7268Can you believe people just throw this stuff away???


Beebz’s Birthday Bash

DSCF7372Beebz’s Birthday Bash turned out to be the party of the year.DSCF7332Beebz himself was stoked to the max.  He is eight years old, prime party age.  He owns two humans, Jeff and Kristi, who he has trained so well that they invited all of his favorite friends and booked two of his favorite musical artists: Sarah Beth Warrender and Dominick Fox.

DSCF7329DSCF7352Beebz loves Sarah Beth’s ukelele covers of young female human angst songs.  And out of respect both for Beebz’s tender ears and for Beebz’s neighbors, Dominick played acoustic, songs from his band Bad Luck and some covers of other material.

Beebz was sitting in the catbird seat all night.

DSCF7354DSCF7357It’s a dog’s life.


A Plethora of Punks


The guys in the band THE VARIANT showed their stuff from their new EP at Ashley Street Station last night and the Old Lady heartily approved.DSCF7203DSCF7204DSCF7209DSCF7214DSCF7216

THE VARIANT plays varied styles, ranging from heavy melodic to hard punk, and their high energy set left the Old Lady wanting more.  “We have the new EP here available,” urged the main singer, “or you can listen to it for free online, and that will be fun for you and for me.”  Get a taste by watching their music video at just up from Florida starting their tour is a switch-hitting blues-rock duo, taking turns on guitar and drums with equal facility.DSCF7224DSCF7225DSCF7229DSCF7233

Anthony, the drummer from SiN, joined the two for an impromptu backup of Sophie Sputnik’s intensely angst-ridden punk number.  Anthony comported himself well.  And Sophie suffered beautifully.DSCF7231DSCF7232Listen to KILLMAMA at

DSCF7244SiN then played a set of new wave old south blues and straight-ahead punk that sent the Old Lady home sweaty and wanting to shave her head into a Mohawk and dye it purple.DSCF7242Check out SiN at

DSCF7238And if you’re listening to these bands for free online, buy some merch if you can.  Hey, you didn’t have to spring for the cover charge to get into ASS so send’em a few bucks, ya cheapskate.  LISTEN TO THE OLD LADY!



“Edward Foote”

DSCF7052The Old Lady loves a good “I-knew-him-when” story.

So, she thoroughly enjoyed seeing the world premiere of the play “Edward Foote” at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta.

The author, Phillip DePoy, went to the same high school as the Old Lady (decades ago…).  His brother Scott DePoy who was in the Old Lady’s class, acted and played violin (fiddle, rather) in the play.

The production was outstanding!

“Edward Foote” is a sort of tragic mystery, a twisted retelling of the Oedipus story in an Appalachian setting.  The action is punctuated by Sacred Harp music, traditional shape-note singing by the cast.

The Old Lady highly recommends that you make an effort to see this production.  It is well worth your time and effort.  “And,” boasts the Old Lady proudly, “I knew them when.”