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A Different Way of Seeing


Paynes Prairie Preserve just south of Gainesville, Florida, is a large open expanse of natural wetlands.  Most visitors come for the magnificent vistas, the vast panoramas of water and wildlife and plants.

But in the rush to “the scenic view” quite often tiny wonders are passed by.

There is much beauty in these miniature worlds.DSCF6591

It’s a different way of seeing.DSCF6553DSCF6558DSCF6555DSCF6562DSCF6567DSCF6570DSCF6581DSCF6586DSCF6596DSCF6599 DSCF6606DSCF6607DSCF6619DSCF6621DSCF6623

Crazy for Camellias


Many Georgia cities celebrate with annual festivals the flowers that grow easily in their areas.

The city of Quitman in extreme south Georgia calls itself “The Camellia City” and the annual Camellia Show draws international attention.  Quitman is the home of the late Betty Sheffield, who dedicated herself to growing and developing new breeds of camellias.  Her name graces many spectacular varieties of this flower.

So much work has gone into breeding unusual camellia varieties that the most recent Camellia Show featured many types that the uninitiated might not even recognize as camellias.DSCF6473DSCF6477DSCF6495DSCF6498DSCF6500DSCF6474DSCF6476DSCF6483DSCF6503DSCF6502DSCF6501DSCF6506DSCF6505DSCF6471DSCF6491DSCF6481 DSCF6486 DSCF6487DSCF6481DSCF6488DSCF6489DSCF6492DSCF6494DSCF6504DSCF6496DSCF6490