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There is no wilderness left in the state of Georgia; about the closest you can come to it is the Okefenokee Swamp.  Even the Swamp is more woods than wilderness.  Having been thoroughly logged out in the early part of the 1900s, what is now seen is regrowth from that harvest.DSCF5842DSCF5830

The Old Lady prefers to enter the Swamp at Stephen Foster State Park, 17 miles up a lonely highway from the nearest town (Fargo).  Once in the park, you don’t have to go far to see wildlife!DSCF5814DSCF5815DSCF5861However, a short canoe ride reveals more                                                                                                              of the Swamp’s beauty.DSCF5836DSCF5824DSCF5828DSCF5831DSCF5833DSCF5847

The Swamp is healing well from the logging, proving that the damage done by humans can be repaired by nature and by time.DSCF5840

For more information about Stephen Foster State Park go to

Mickee Redux

The Eclectic Acoustic Band, playing in the back yard of the Mickee Faust Club on a fine fall evening.
The Eclectic Acoustic Band, playing in the back yard of the Mickee Faust Club on a fine fall evening.

The Old Lady made a return visit to the Mickee Faust Club in Tallahassee (see ).

And found it just as bizarre the second time around.

The performance this time was a “Ratrospective” of existing material.  In some of the skits the music was recognizable from the group’s CD (i.e., “Hypocrisy in Democracy”), but some of it was new to the Old Lady.  The writing is political satire and parody, the humor is edgy, and the music is catchy.  A lot of the political references are Florida-specific but you’ll get the gist even if you do not hail from the Sunshine State.

Again, “The Trouble with Andre” broke the Old Lady’s heart.

Find out more about this long-standing topical humor musical performance group at

And go see a performance, if you can possibly get to Tallahassee.

Ears to the Mickee Faust Club… may they continue to QUESTION AUTHORITY.DSCF4191

Fox Mountain Festival


The Old Lady and the Elf took to the woods for a weekend of camping and music at Fox Mountain Camp and Artist Retreat near Cherry Log in the mountains of north Georgia.

And what a fine weekend it was!

Drying wet boots and socks

                The campground is a lovely place to be, even in the rain. DSCF5748DSCF5767

Friendly people...
Friendly people…
... and friendly dogs
… and friendly dogs

It rained off and on but mostly at night, and not at all during the music.  Arrie Bozeman, Barb Carbon, Hollin Gammage, Carly Gibson, Kato Estill, and special guests Jesse Hamilton and Jason Beaudreaux played far into the night, and as the hour got later the music just got better!

Hollin Gammage
Hollin Gammage
Carly Gibson
Carly Gibson


The Old Lady sends big THANK YOU to Jana Cargile and Sherrie Kelly who run Fox Mountain Camp and organized the festival.  These wild women of the woods have worked tirelessly (or maybe they do get tired) to make the Camp a welcoming, comfortable place and to make this festival special.

Sherrie & Jana
Sherrie & Jana

If you are interested, find Fox Mountain Camp and Artist Retreat on Facebook or on the web at DSCF5747