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RoadPix – Mystery at the Marina


The Old Lady camped at Florence Marina State Park, on the northern tip of Lake Walter George, about eight miles west of Providence Canyon in Stewart County, Georgia.  She put up her tent on the far wooded side of the campground, as far as possible from the metal-box people.DSCF5429

Then she went for a stroll in the woods near the lake.

And what do you suppose she found?DSCF5385

A black canopy hung over the trail, waving trailing streamers of dark fabric in the soft afternoon breeze.


And around the next bend…DSCF5388

… a shallow grave, with a wooden cross placed at one end.

In the bottom of the scooped-out hole, the Old Lady found these bones:DSCF5430

Whose bones are they?  Who put them there?  Was it the same ones who erected the funereal canopy?

It’s a mystery.

The view from the Old Lady's campsite.
The view from the Old Lady’s campsite.

RoadPix – Providence Canyon


Geology teaches us that canyons take many centuries, and even millennia, to form.

But there is a canyon in Georgia which did not exist less than two hundred years ago.

Providence Canyon is near the town of Lumpkin in Stewart County.DSCF5405









This beautiful canyon is actually the result of bad farming practices.  In the 1800s, farmers clear cut the Georgia forests to plant their fields.  They then plowed up and down the bare hills rather than across.  Erosion was the inevitable result, with rainwater slicing through the layers of red clay into the white kaolin and underlying colored sands that give their color to this now-scenic spot.DSCF5404DSCF5391

Providence Canyon is now a Georgia State Park, and there are several overlooks where the beauty of the canyon can be appreciated.DSCF5395

The canyon is named for the Providence Methodist Church, established around 1832, which had to be moved as the canyon developed.  The building is still standing in the park and can be viewed by visitors.DSCF5397DSCF5396

The canyon itself is a work in progress.  The land continues to erode, and sometimes heavy rains can cause entire pinnacles in the gorge to melt overnight.DSCF5398DSCF5399DSCF5400And today, August 27 2014… the kudzu was in bloom!


YES, kudzu blooms!
YES, kudzu blooms!

Red Door Redux


Red Door Records hosted another ROCKIN’ show tonight, Saturday, August 23. 2014, in Valdosta, Georgia.DSCF5271DSCF5289

CUTTING TEETH is the latest incarnation of the band formerly known as STAY AT HOME.  Their new material took the crowd by storm, causing much moshing and some crowd surfing.  These Thomasville homeboyz are growing and getting better and better.  Look forward to their next gig, gang, they are on their way to greatness!


WICKED PRETTY from Hotlanta put up a sick set, taking no prisoners.  Catch them next in St. Augustine, or if you like their stuff check it out at


THE HOTELS death pop can be heard at and it is well worth your time to check them out… It is also worth your money to buy the download.DSCF5335

KOCTOK is Valdosta’s newest band.  Kelby Clark and Bradley Gandy have just released an EP titled “SLIMEY MOMENTS”, and you can get the download at  These two guyz are monsterz; the Old Lady can’t wait to hear what they come up with next!


The Old Lady loves seeing family members of band members support these shows.DSCF5364

Much gratitude to Jessica Donaldson of Red Door Records… these shows are the bomb!


The Hard and Heavy Hand of Jehovah


The book I’m Perfect, You’re Doomed – Tales from a Jehovah’s Witness Upbringing by Kyria Abrahams is a hoot, a tragedy, and an education… all at the same time.

Abrahams knows whereof she speaks, having been brought up in the strict tradition of this most particular denomination.  Her childhood centered on the local Kingdom Hall and its many demands in terms of her time and devotion.  The necessity of separating herself from non-JWs, those who according to her faith were doomed to die horribly at an Armageddon which could happen at any moment, put her at odds with the world around her and gave her a perspective which was at the same time reassuring and terrifying.

The unforgiving God of the JWs looms heavily over her childhood, watching suspiciously for the least infraction which could doom even a little girl to eternal damnation.  This book brings home the trepidation of a child growing up under the unsleeping, all-seeing eye of Jehovah who stands ready to destroy not only all who do not subscribe to the “One True Religion” but even those who do subscribe but fall short of the exacting terms of His service.

Written with sharp wit and self-deprecating humor, Abrahams’ book outlines her journey through and finally away from the narrow Jehovah’s Witness way.  You will laugh, you will cringe, but you will also learn to sympathize with those who find themselves trapped by birth and even those who knowingly choose this narrow and difficult way of life.


Wake Up Fest, Day One

DSCF5193Wake Up Fest.  Fun in the sun, on the land and on and in the water.


Too many bands for the Old Lady to count.  Each put in a fine performance.  If she missed your band, she apologizes… she stayed as long as she could.  Thank you all for the music!DSCF5106

DSCF5130DSCF5138DSCF5197Artists brought their wares, decorative touches of atmosphere and creativity.

Check out Lukas Rushlow on Facebook
Check out Lukas Rushlow on Facebook



BIG shout out to the Valdosta Wake Compound, and to Sin.DSCF5159DSCF5199

GREAT job, guys!

The Old Lady had a wonderful afternoon.DSCF5135DSCF5166DSCF5118DSCF5139DSCF5140DSCF5178








Wake Up Fest continues tomorrow – Sunday, August 17, 2014, at the Valdosta Wake Compound just off I-75 at exit 13 south of Valdosta, GA.  If you missed it – here’s your second chance!  Don’t blow it!  LISTEN TO THE OLD LADY!



WEEN E got out of the doghouse and off the chain.


The world’s first, and only, weenie dog rapper roamed down to Gainesville, Florida, for QueerBall.  The variety show was a fundraiser for the Pride Community Center of North Central Florida, and combined the former shows HairBall (for queens) and Show Bois (for kings) into one supercalafragilistic no-holds-barred all-gender-inclusive extravaganza.



And what a show it was!

WEEN E put on the dog and peed on a mic stand (passes for entertainment in the canine world), then enjoyed talented performances by drag queens and drag kings as well as the music of SisterSong and Flash and Pandora.DSCF4964


WEEN E loved everybody, but particularly enjoyed Stevie Sparkles aka Abi Gayle, whose performance piece included a shadowplay of the visibly pregnant Abi reacting to curious shadowanimal friends who wanted to know “Is it a boy or a girl?”  Abi maintained that not only is the gender unknown, it is irrelevant and physically threw out the whole pink versus blue stereotype thing.  The piece was not only creative but revolutionary in statement, and completely out of left field which is what WEEN E loves to see.



WEEN E sends a big woof-out to all who performed at QueerBall.  Hope to see y’all at the 2014 Gainesville Pride Parade and Festival October 25!


Hotter and Hotter


Did the Old Lady say it was hot, last time there was a show at the Elder House in Valdosta, GA?

Tonight was savagely hot.  The Elder House sweated, and stunk, and smoked.

John Weeks stepped up when one of the scheduled bands flaked out.  John puts out a big sound for one man and a guitar, with a heaping helping of angst in his lyrics.  This was his last acoustic set; he promises he’ll be back in September with a full band.  Stay tuned.  Meanwhile, you can sample his acoustic history at

In Life’s Wake is also in transition; after tonight a couple of the guys are moving on to other places.  Tonight’s grinding set sent them off in fine style.  Good luck, boyz!  They’ve left a legacy for us to remember them by at

Me and the Trinity are on tour from Savannah; tonight was the first time they’ve ever been in Valdosta.  The Old Lady hopes it won’t be the last.  Find out why at

Dying Whale finished the night, playing dark metal hardcore.  They put in a pretty energetic set for such a hot night.  Check’em at


Seems that Elder House is in transition too.  The band Hall of the Elders is losing at least one member, and the future of this venue is up in the air.  Everything changes, nothing remains the same, but it’s all okay kids.


RoadPix – Florida Caverns State Park


Florida Caverns State Park on Hwy. 166 north of Marianna, Florida, surely should be listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the Sunshine State.DSCF4835

Visitors to the park may tour one of the caverns, which runs only about 67 feet below the upland hardwood forest but which feelsDSCF4878 as far away as another dimension.

Stalactites and stalagmites abound but among them are many other, much stranger stone formations.


The beauty of this underground world is breathtaking.DSCF4891

But after an hour of crouching, ducking, and squeezing through narrow passageways, coming up to the surface is a breath of fresh air.



Red Door Records ROKZ!

DSCF4824Red Door Records hosted another superb show tonight.

Aughtsong: Joel Dion aka Oikut Kaye
Aughtsong: Joel Dion aka Ouikut Kaye

Aughtsong, formerly of Tallahassee but now right here in Valdosta, played first.  Right now Aughtsong is a solo act, just Joel Dion (aka Ouikut Kaye) and his guitar.  The sound is melodic and dreamy, just fine as a stand-alone but it would be interesting to hear Joel with some backup.  The guy has a sweet insecurity about his performing which adds to his charm.  He played a song from a group he used to play with – Little League – and at one point forgot the words.  He apologized, saying “The song’s about drinking to forget, so I was just pushing the point.”  It’s worth pushing the point of getting this guy out to perform more often, he’s well worth listening to.  Find his stuff online at

Balloon Assembly Line
Balloon Assembly Line

Next up: Balloon Assembly Line.  Kelby Clark is one of the most innovative musicians in south Georgia; everything he touches turns to music!  The telephone handset used as a mic is inventive and has a nostalgic, hallucinatory sound.



Kyle Keller came in from busking on the Georgia coast in time to take up his capable bass, and Derek Barkalow is back from basic training and back on the drum set.  They’ve got out a brand new 7” EP, with the disk etched onto a square clear piece of polycarbonate material… this EP looks exactly like the band sounds.  You can hear it at

The Old Lady can’t wait to hear what Balloon Assembly Line turns out next!

Buffalo Buffalo
Buffalo Buffalo

Headliner tonight was Buffalo Buffalo, just hitting the road from Tallahassee for a two and a half week tour.  They’ll be in Savannah tomorrow night at the Bomb Shelter, but as the lead singer said “Playing packed little record stores like this are some of the funnest shows – awesome!”  Buf Buf’s new CD, Coping Systems, has some great punk tunes that edge nervously toward hardcore.  Live is always preferable, but if you can’t make any of the tour shows (check their Facebook page for the schedule) then get your fix at

We love you, Jessica!
We love you, Jessica!

The Old Lady sends a BIG shout out to Jessica of Red Door Records, who is the local music scene’s BFF!  Jessica also gave the Old Lady her first shot at print in Valdosta with the Glass Onion street rag.  That column morphed into the blog that you are reading now.  Thanks, Jessica!

SUPPORT LIVE LOCAL MUSIC!  It’s what Jessica does!